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Apr 2, 2011 01:46 AM


Ok, just to give you a bit of a background, I get off work at 3am. A lot of times I'm barely making the drive home, and the last thing I want to do is climb back in the car and go get some food. I wanna lay on my behind, catch some late night TV and open a warm box of, chinese, blah!

I enjoy chains like pizza hut or dominos, and I do prefer italian cooking, like calzones, but that late at night? I'm not picky. I just wanna eat some crap food and pass out! It is frustrating trying to search for a place so does anybody no a place in the Columbia Heights/Fridley/New Brighton Area that will deliver? Sorry, I'm sure people may rag on me for indulging in the cheap stuff, but it's 3am and I don't give a s***!

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  1. The only place to my knowledge in St. Paul that delivers anything till 2-3 is Pizza Luce. Not sure about MPLS.

    Pizza Luce
    1183 Selby Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55104

    1. Not exactly the same, and won't work with pizza, but you could order a few different Chinese take-outs and fridge them, then you'll just have to microwave it when you get home. If you order a few, you'll kinda have a choice. It'll be quicker than actually waiting for delivery, since all you have to do it dump and nuke. And given Chinese foods high sodium content, the stuff has a pretty long fridge shelf life.

      I really don't know of any places that deliver past 3AM. Like a response already said, Luce goes till the 2-3 range, but I don't think they go later then that, and probably not even until that on weekends. In NYC, sure. But here? Not likely. I think pre-order and nuke later might be your best option.

      1. Get carry out from the Flame. I can't think of anything better at that time.

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          I'm assuming you mean Flameburger? That was going to be my suggestion as well.

          2534 Rice St, Saint Paul, MN 55113

          1. re: Bobannon

            Absolutely...Flameburger is as good as it gets in the middle of the night.

            1. re: BigE

              Totally agree....just didn't want anyone to confuse it with Flame at Rosedale.