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Apr 1, 2011 09:17 PM

Way East Las Vegas: in town for the dog show any suggestions?

Staying near Sam's Town for the dog show (don't ask......Agility its really fun but too hot this weekend)........we ate at E N Sushi tonight per the Board's reviews it was great.......esp the cajun albacore & garlic tuna sushi. Good service and nice place...great food. Very reasonably priced
We are looking for easy, casual, for Saturday night or decent Chinese near Sam's Town? Flamingo Rd & Boulder Highway ...
any suggestions gratefully accepted...........does not have to be fancy!

thanks, flagstaff

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  1. Toto's for Mexican food. 2055 East Tropicana Ave.

    1. Sorry but im to sheltered to go to that side of town LOL ;-D Good luck at the trials!