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Apr 1, 2011 08:21 PM

Bun Bo Hue/Viet Huong Restaurant (El Monte)

I came across Viet Huong in El Monte when I was driving through the area and wanted Vietnamese but wasn't in the mood for pho that day. I haven't seen this place mentioned on Chowhound but it is quite popular amongst the regional Yelpers:

The bun bo hue came highly recommended there and I have to say - it's become one of my favorite noodle soups anywhere in the SGV...though I find it hard to properly describe except to say it's somewhere in between pho and Chinese beef noodle soup (not as minimalist as the former nor as in-your-face as the latter). Hearty and satisfying, regardless.

Would love recommendations for other places that serve an exemplary BBH?

By the way tried Golden Deli's and found it completely inferior. Also tried Nem Nuong Kanh Hoa's and also was left underwhelmed.

Golden Deli
815 W Las Tunas Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776

Viet Huong Restaurant
10727 Garvey Ave, El Monte, CA 91733

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  1. I like NNKA's Bun Bo Hue. It is a little different than the usual version. My Vietnamese wife says it is more 'southern style'. They also have a good pork chop and the nem nuong is by far the best in the SGV.

    I posted about Nha Trang on Valley Blvd. I had the My Quang, but the wife said the BBH was pretty good.

    I think it is funny that you said it was one of your favorite dishes in the SGV. It is a lot easier to find good BBH in Little Saigon than SGV. That is why NNKH's is one of my favorites. The Bun Bo Hue pool is smaller. That said, my mother in law makes the best.

    Nha Trang
    311 E Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776