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Apr 1, 2011 06:53 PM

overcooked jam - now what?

I've never made blueberry jam before and only have four years canning under my belt - this is the first time I've overcooked a jam. It's not very spreadable even at room temperature. Suggestions? I really don't want to throw it out.

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  1. At one time I had a recipe for Jelly Pie. It bakes in one crust somewhat like a custard. I'll look for it but you might find it online. I think you could use it as a glaze. Don't pitch it, you'll find a use for it. I've always had problems with elderberry jelly,seems like it sets up differently with whatever the weather conditions are that year. If it comes out hard, it's for pie. If it's right, it's jelly. If it doesn't set, look, I made syrup for you!

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    1. re: MellieMag

      ooh jelly pie sounds wonderful! I'll be searching for that recipe for sure, thanks MM!

    2. a few random ideas...

      stick it in the food processor with some cream cheese to make a spread

      cut into pieces and dip in dark chocolate for jelly candies

      blend into smoothies

      cut into "chips" and mix into sugar cookie dough

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      1. re: Emme

        Emme, those are great ideas, thank you!

        My sister suggested I try reheating and turning them into candy drops. I'm thinking a hard candy with fruit chunks might not go over well...

      2. Got some other tips for using overcooked jam so I thought I'd share:

        - blueberry muffins
        - fruit syrup: reheat with juice, lemon juice and water

        What overcooked jam? - it's condensed fruit for muffins and syrups ;)

        1. how many jars have you got?

          a dollop in gravy, a glaze for beef or lamb or duck. Mini jam tarts.