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Apr 1, 2011 05:25 PM


I have a couple of friends visiting me in a little over a week. We are having 1 dinner out and would appreciate your feedback. It is a Sunday nite. I reserved a table at AMMO. I wanted to keep the price for food at $40-$55pp. I have never been to AMMO. Should I keep it there or take them to Luques, Animal, Hatfield's or any suggestions in the Hollywood/West Hollywood area.

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  1. Sorry noone has responded, but maybe the question is a little general. What kind of experience would they enjoy? Are they real foodies? Interested in an L-A atmosphere? Do you/they want a quieter place to visit or more of a scene?
    I haven't been to AMMO in a while, but I always thought of it as a terrific neighborhood bistro with good food. Animal is a terrific place.....and if your friends are foodies, they may have heard about it. Or can go back home and tell other foodie friends they went there. But it's loud...and conversation can be tough. But a very nice vibe and fun place. I haven't been to Hatfield's, but Luques is very nice. They do a special Sunday dinner, which is a great deal. But it's a bit more subdued that the other places listed. And if you decide on that....make a reservation quickly. Sundays tend to fill up. Hope this has helped a bit.....

    1. Eva has a terrific Sunday supper (menu changes each week) for $39 including wine.

      Eva Restaurant
      7458 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

      1. I agree with perk, it helps to know what kind of ppl they are, what type of food and scene they're looking for. I love Hatfield's but you'd be on the upper end of your budget. Also, places like Hatfield's, Lucques, New York probably does them better. I'm usually more inclined to bring them to places they lack in NYC, like Korean and Mexican ..

        8474 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90069

        1. Look into Chaya Brasserie. They have just revamped and have always come through with tasty and interesting food and solid service.

          Chaya Brasserie
          8741 Alden Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90048

          1. I think Ammo is a great idea. The other on your list would be Animal.

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              I've never been to Ammo but Luques Sunday Supper is wonderful. That said, Eva's supper is a way WAY better deal. It includes wine! And it is of a high level of skill and taste. (They had a homemade green goddess dressing I almost mugged our waiter for. And I'm a small, discreet gal. But it was that good.)

              For a unique LA experience, I also enjoy Palate - wonderful food, well priced wines, a treat.

              I'm surprised no one has mentioned the best sunday supper deal in West Hollywood - Dominicks. $15 for a three course meal (that is surprisingly good) and cheap wine that doesn't taste that cheapQ


              Not as complex as Eva, but a fine fun value. Good luck!