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Apr 1, 2011 05:18 PM

Catering Service or Take-away for Party at Home in Tokyo

If you know of a good Catering Service or Take-away / Take out Restaurant to do a Party at Home, could you share the information? I am in central Tokyo (Minato ku).

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  1. Kimono Wine Bar does a whole lot of this kind of catering for parties.

    1. The TY Harbor group which includes TY Harbor, Beacon and Cicada also offer a range of catering services at reasonable prices. Check out their websit.

          1. re: ruprecht25

            if you need something cheap and a simple picnik like sandwiches, bagna cauda, bread and deeps, there is the Factory Bread Shop & Restaurant
            If this is for an official dinner, you`d better ask for PACHON CATERING, there home made "tian de legumes provencal", chocolate mousse are quite good. It is pricey.

            1. re: Ninisix

              Thank you all. These are very helpful!

              1. re: winst

                Don't know if this is too late because I was just searching for some Japan stuff but thought I'd second the ruprecht25 recommendation for 148Hiroo. I dined there in late 2009 and it was spectacular. The menu is even more elaborate now, but the cook really knows his wines and is super passionate. It's Aussie but also Asian fusion. I'm sure the catering would be just as good. The prices (at least for dining) were considered mid-range, which I think is pretty good for Tokyo...