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Apr 1, 2011 03:36 PM

Ingebretsons Scandanavian Foods/Minneapolis/ Lake St near Nicollet

I know that they have lines out the door at Xmas. what do they sell and what are your favorites?? can you get first rate pickled herring there??

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  1. correction. the address is 1601 east lake st. NOT near Nicollet.

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      I haven't been in there for several years, but then I was put off by the clutter and dust.

    2. I haven't been there in a few years, but I never experienced clutter and dust.

      When you enter the store you'll be in the gift shop portion. There's a bounty of Scandinavian goods from a set of childrens' plastic Viking horned hats (my son loved them) to krumkake molds and cookie cutters to fabrics and papergoods. I'm not a knitter, but it seemed they carried a lot of yarn as well. I found it very charming.

      The portion of the store to the left is the meat market. If you're a ham afficianado you must try the ham loaf they make at least once. It's like meatloaf made of ham (duh) with kind of a sweet flavor. My guys were not fans but I found it strangely good.

      My 100% Norwegian heritage friend swears by their blood sausage. The older guys behind the counter are really helpful, kind of like Everett's off of Cedar if you're familiar with them. It's well worth the experience to check out for a kitschy type of time.

      1. Pea soup. It's a yellow pea soup and wonderfully delicious. It's in the meat case and they slice how much you want from a paper cylinder. It does turn to liquid when you heat it.

        1. the sylta is delicious. it's like a headcheese only better. i also like their rollepolse and lamb loaf.

          1. I love to get the Limpa (Swedish bread) or Knackebrod (also called Hardtack) and eat it along with the Gjetost (direct translation: Goat Cheese). Traditional Norwegian breakfast (or snack while skiing). So delicious.
            If they sell something called Tomatsuppe (sometimes they have it, sometimes they don't) that comes in a package, get it. You will not be disappointed. The best tomato soup you will ever have - I guarantee it. If it does not come with macaroni in the package, I add some and also a cut-up hard boiled egg. Use some milk when cooking it. We ate this on Wednesdays when I was at Folkehogskule in Norway with Loff (Italian Bread). Still my favorite meal to this day.
            I have never had the pickled herring from them. They also have fiskeboller which is delicious with a white sauce, carrots and (what else?) boiled potatoes. YUM!!

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              They have a huge meat counter with lots of choices both raw and cooked, an equally large frozen section with lots of swedish goodies, and a non-food shop also. If you are the least bit interested, you should just go. There are way too many things to list in an post.

              I go every Christmas and stand in line for the swedish meatball mix and cardamon bread. I make my own swedish sausage which is vastly superior, I may say, to theirs.


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                Cash or check only. No plastic on the meat market side.