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Apr 1, 2011 03:04 PM

A & J Hot Point Opens Up In Rosemead

Previously tagged as a coming attraction, A & J Hot Point has opened up in the Tip Top shopping center on Valley Blvd. (immediately east of Empire Center with 888 Restaurant in it). A & J Hot Point has all you can eat hot pot, $13.95 at lunch and $16.95 at dinner. Ceramic hot plates are used instead of real fire, so there's none of those giant fire prevention ducts you see in other restaurants. Choice of several broths--I had the non-spicy chicken broth, which was the richest I've ever eaten. Based on the retail values from the pick sheet, the AYCE price seems like a pretty good deal, though not as good as the long departed Seafood Hot Pot. Unfortunately, nobody knows the place is there, at the back of a shopping center that has almost no frontage on Valley Bl. I think I was their only customer at lunch time today. The restaurant was empty at a quarter to one, and they did turn on the sound system after I arrived which leads me to believe they had no previous patrons, particularly since they don't open until noon. They gave me a 10 percent new customer discount, or perhaps it was an only customer discount, which made the tab $13.80 including tax. Street address is 8508 E. Valley Blvd., #C102.

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  1. This weather isn't exactly conducive to hot pots.

    In fact, it's sort of a bad time to open up a new hot pot restuarant, with Spring just beginning and Summer right around the corner, and with no doubt plenty more Santa Ana wind episdoes interspersed in-between.

    1. Thanks, Chadavkl. To add: they offer five broths, "regular", hot & spicy, korean-kimchi, japanese-curry and mongolian-herb. We ordered the mongolian-herb and the hot & spicy, both were good, the latter more spicy than hot. While the hot & spicy was delicious, because of the whole spices, it became somewhat cumbersome to separate the whole spices from the meat and the vegetables and to avoid chewing them. The lamb was of better quality than I have had at Mon Land or Little Sheep, and the vegetables were fresh.

      I must say, the service was excellent (it kind of helps, if the restaurant is not crowded; there was only one table other than ours that was being served). We got the 10% new customer discount and also a "frequent flier" card (50% off, on the 10th visit). I would definitely return, but it would have helped their cause, had they opened in December or January when things were relatively colder. Now with spring looming around, and summer not too far its not exactly hot pot season as ipse dixit mentioned. Nevertheless good bang for the buck!

      EDIT: Like Midori, if you don't finish what you ordered you pay the a la carte price for the unconsumed items. I am not sure how they implement it because it is clearly not as straightforward as unconsumed sushi.

      Little Sheep
      227 W Valley Blvd # 3, San Gabriel, CA