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Apr 1, 2011 02:41 PM

le creuset vs Riess?

So basically i burnt the bottom of my 24cm le creuset casserole, and left it with my mum who scrubbed at it (with steel wool no less!) to clean it. Managed to clean it well enough, but there are some scratches/dullness and its not so shiny new now. Well anyway, after that i decided i need a new, smaller pot (partly because i genuinly do need one, i have no medium/small pots, and partly because i miss the new shininess!)

Anyway, i got looking around and noticed the company Riess which make enamel pots too (but with steel not cast iron).
Does anyone know anything about Riess cookware? I can;t decide whether to get a 20cm le creuset casserole or try out a Riess casserole (which apparently can also be used on the hob and in the oven, and is cheaper to boot)

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  1. Enamel coated steel is a whole different animal that enamel coated cast iron. Steel by itself is a very poor conductor of heat and a poor choice to cook with. All the benefits you enjoyed with case iron are lost with the steel. Call LC at 877-CREUSET and see if they will sell you a new one at 75% off retail.

    1. razz90, as blondelle points out, enameled cast iron has very special properties. But those properties are not necessarily the ones that are desirable in a smaller pot or pan. If you want an enameled interior surface, you might look into the Chantal Copper Fusion line, which is built around copper, as the name implies. Pricey, but a lifetime investment; here is the smaller saucepan:

      For considerably less than the price of the saucepan, you could get the 8" saute pan (you would need to supply the lid), which sells for a promotional price:

      1. Late reply but only just found this site. Riess wins out every time. Fabulous cookware. Light, goes on top of any cooker, in oven, cleans easily and well (leave to soak in Jif/Cif for stubborn stains). Great price, fun colours. Go for it!

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          Light steel = thin = uneven. Sorry, I don't get the appeal.

          1. re: kaleokahu

            Maybe it's only light by comparison to cast iron, but still weighs a ton more than aluminum or a clad pan?

          2. re: GreenGiraffe

            Riess works for me and I love it. It cooks well, it presents well and it's never been too thin or uneven.

            Different people, different experiences, but that's what this forum is about. I'm not wrong, and you are not right, it's just different needs and uses presumably. Good we are all different that's how both Le Creuset and Riess have market shares!