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great restaurants in pittsburgh?

i'm taking my husband to pittsburgh for 2 nights for his birthday. neither of us has been there before. i've narrowed my search, (i think), to the following restaurants: Bona Terra, Nine on Nine, Alla Famiglia. i'd really appreciate any advice, confirmation of my choices, and/or other suggestions. thanks very much in advance...

Bona Terra Restaurant
908 Main St, Pittsburgh, PA 15215

Nine on Nine
900 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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  1. Have been to Bona Terra and Alla Famiglia and both are good choices. Eleven is another you may want to look at. Depending on style. There are a few others. Have a good time. Enjoy!

    Bona Terra Restaurant
    908 Main St, Pittsburgh, PA 15215

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      Thank you! I'll look at Eleven too!.

    2. All of these are very good choices, although I would be wary of Alla Famiglia...Not because of the restaurant, it's great, but because of the location. It's not in the best part of town and would also be a bit difficult to get to for someone from out of town. My favorite of those mentioned is Nine on Nine. Where will you be staying?


      Nine on Nine
      900 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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        Thank you for that useful information! we are staying in shadyside, but we'll have a car so hopefully we won't get lost. i think i'll make a res at nine on nine for saturday nite. now i just have to decide on friday nite.

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          Since you are staying in Shadyside (maybe at the Courtyard Marriott?) there are a couple of good choices within walking distance. Just across the street is Cafe Sam and with a short walk to the Shadyside business area is Girasole. While these may not be quite the level of those mentioned above, they are very good.

          Since you are coming for your first visit, you may want to consider a trip to Mount Washington. Monterey Bay has very good food and a view to die for (if the weather is good). USA Today named it the second most beautiful view in America. I'm not making this up! This might be a good choice, considering the occasion.


          733 Copeland St Ste 1, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

          Cafe Sam
          5242 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

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            Thank you too for the suggestion of Monterey Bay. i had read that the views were pretty spectacular. with all the good suggestions, we might have to stay longer!

          2. re: Pegpaul

            Also close to Shadyside are Salt of the Earth and Spoon. If you're around for Sunday brunch, Casbah, also in Shadyside, has a good one.

            229 South Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

            1. re: k squared

              thanks for these suggestions too!

          3. re: Burghfeeder

            If you have a car, it's maybe a 25 min. drive to Alla Famiglia, if that. It's not at all difficult to get to. The neighborhood isn't the best, but I've been there multiple times and have never had a problem. Note too that a brand new Pittsburgh police station is just blocks down the road now.

            1. re: Rick

              do you think alla famiglia is worth the drive, or is bona terra as good? thanks!

              1. re: Pegpaul

                I've never been to Bona Terra, but I don't know anyone that hasn't loved their experience at Alla Famiglia.

                Bona Terra Restaurant
                908 Main St, Pittsburgh, PA 15215

          4. If you're staying in shadyside (i live in shadyside) i'd go to Salt of the Earth and Spoon and skip the other three.Bona Terra is very good, but the atmosphere/ambience leaves a fair amount to be desired. Eleven is great, but I think Salt and Spoon are just as good if not better.

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            1. re: yammers

              ok.... lots to think about! thank you!

              1. re: Pegpaul

                I agree with yammers. Spoon Friday night and Salt or Nine on Nine Saturday night.
                If you are set on Italian, Alla is great and it is worth the drive.
                Go to the Strip District on Saturday. Cafe Raymond has the city's best breakfast and pastries.

                Nine on Nine
                900 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

                Cafe Raymond
                2103 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

                1. re: six dower

                  thanks for your advice and for the additional ideas!

            2. Pegpaul, these are all great rec's so far!! The ones I have been too will not disapoint. What brings you two to celebrate a birthday in Pittsburgh? ( can help with some recs... )

              1. You know I think it depends on what kind of food you like best.

                Bona Terra makes a superb version of what your grandmother (or rather either of mine) may have made and Salt will serve something you've never seen before. The food and the vibes are very different.

                What do you like?

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                1. re: KimMae

                  i like a lot of different kinds of styles and food. if we're going to nine on nine saturday nite, is salt, which looks great, as does spoon, too similar to nine on nine? maybe alla famiglia would be a different experience. and we do love italian...

                  1. re: KimMae

                    Here's today's menu at SALT.

                    I'd probably choose the sashimi or "spring" as a starter, and as a main course, either the softshell crab or the scallops, though I'm not sure I want coconut or cheese with scallops. But nothing on this menu really excites me, nor has anything on any of their menus. Someday maybe I'll go -- it's really close-by -- but nothing I've seen on their menus has ever made me think, Oh, I've *got* to try that.


                    Soup $6
                    sunchoke, potato, samphire

                    Spring $11
                    peas, carrot, potato, mint, feta, fiddleheads

                    Snails $12
                    pasta, miso, lamb, watercress

                    Beef Tartare* $11
                    blood orange, white chocolate, Douglas-fir

                    Lettuce Wraps $11
                    lamb (or tofu), sheep’s yogurt, pickled ramps, lemon

                    Cockscombs $9
                    cheesy grits, collard greens, truffled soy molasses

                    Sashimi* $10
                    escolar, prickly pear, horseradish, shiso

                    Shad Roe* $10
                    onion, pork rinds, tamarind, mizuna, daikon


                    Softshell $19
                    horseradish, potato, seaweed, tartar sauce

                    Scallops $23
                    couscous, pomegranate, coconut, cheddar

                    Chicken $19
                    prosciutto, braised leg, farro, roots, quince

                    Hanger Steak* $21
                    bourbon dashi, udon, peanuts, chili

                    Baguette $15
                    pork, pate, jalapeno, cilantro, pickle

                    Eggplant $12
                    tomato-braised soy protein, tahini

                    Tofu $14
                    vegan dashi, udon, brussels sprouts, mushrooms, choy

                    1. re: Jay F

                      Jay , where do you get the daily menu at ? is it on the web

                  2. Last night a friend and I had dinner at the new downtown branch of Penn Avenue Fish Company, and it was first class. I had tuna tacos as a first course, and loved them. My friend had Fish Chili, made with smoked trout, and he declared it the best chili he'd ever tasted (and he *loves* chili). The heat in the tacos was noteworthy, too.

                    Then we had our main courses. His was Chilean sea bass, and it was a nice, inch-thick piece of fish, served with a cauliflower puree. I really liked it. I've had restaurants serve a not particularly thick piece of fish they *called* Chilean sea bass, but it wasn't anything like this. This was very tasty.

                    I had scallops wrapped in bacon served on a bed of lobster risotto. It was truly wonderful.

                    Because we'd been warned to save room for dessert by Angel, the manager, we had half of our entrees boxed up to take home (I can't wait to eat the last scallop). I had one of the most terrific poached pears, served with amaretto ice cream (house made by Chef Eric) and what I think were crumbled amaretto cookies. My friend had peanut butter and chocolate bread pudding with another type of house made ice cream. I didn't taste his dessert, as I'm not a big fan of peanut butter.

                    The service was splendid. I think everyone should eat here.

                    Caveats: Though they serve lunch M-F, they're only open for dinner Wed-Sat, and it's BYOB.

                    All in all, PAFCO gets an A.