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Apr 1, 2011 01:49 PM


What are the best anchovies you can buy to eat fresh in salads??

I want them to not be too hard/stiff, bony and not fall apart too easily, and have a fine taste. Years ago, i bought a large round flat can with salted anchovies from Ratto's (Oakland,CA), that lasted 2 years.. they were the best!! Can't find them anymore :{

Maybe the expensive ones in the little glass jars are the best.

Nonetheless, what are/is your favorite??

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  1. Ortiz Spanish anchovies are my favorite. You have to try a jar at least once. Whether they're worth the price depends on how much one loves anchovies.

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    1. re: la2tokyo

      Absolutely agree, are in the little jar with a fork on the side.

        1. re: JMF

          double ditto. I love them and use the oil they are packed in for dipping fresh artisan breads.

    2. The anchovies in little glass jars are just as hit or miss as the canned ones. The ones I've purchased have had excellent flavor, but are sometimes too soft. Haven't seen salted ones around here (but I'm in rural VA), so am guessing online may be your best bet. I don't have the catalog in front of me, but there's a Spanish-cuisine company that I believe sells particularly good ones.

      1. Quality and price are just right with Agostino Recca anchovies.

        1. The ones you bought from Ratto's were likely Agostino Recca, as recommended below. I used to buy them there. You can get them from Market Hall in Rockridge (Oakland, CA).

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              If I can't get good fresh anchovies (depends on what was brought in to the dock that day), these are my next 'go-to' at the Italian market.
              They're a bit pricey, but totally worth it. Not to mention the cans are pretty large, so they can take a while to get through.

            2. My favorites WERE La Barca flats in the tin, packed in a "sauce piquant".

              But I can't find them anymore even online. Now I'm buying the small La Barca jars with oil.

              BTW, La Barca are Greek. I have really become averse to the ubiquitous Moroccan ones. They just don't taste right, (King Oscar, Vigo, Napoleon, etc.). I tried some Peruvian ones also with poor results.