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Apr 1, 2011 01:32 PM

Sending a 'Philly' style gift to someone. Ideas??

I would like to send a gift to an old boyfriend who now lives in LA, and who did a favor for my nephew. He was my first love, and I haven't seen or heard from him in 25 years. Just found him on the internet and reached out to him for this favor that he did. I'd like to keep the communication open, and would like to thank him because the favor involved reading a script, which took some time. I know he always a real beer lover, he was always very down to earth, and not 'metrosexual' in any way. I thought about a Philly area beer sampler, but don't know if such a thing exists, or if it's even possible to ship something like this to CA. Philly pretzels get stale right away, so that would be out. Any ideas? He's a divorced guy who probably doesn't cook much, and said he works lots of hours. I'm at a loss here. Help!

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  1. if you wanted to ship beer, you'd probably have to buy, pack (carefully), and ship on your own.

    As for something quintessentially Philly, Tastykake offers gift packs on their website.

    1. You could get a nice gift basket from DiBrunos and throw in some TastyKakes and Peanut Chews. I would certainly enjoy receiving that. There are companies that ship pretzels and cheesesteak/hoagie kits but I don't think the end product is very good.

      1. I've used this site before, with good results:

        Also this one:
        (The Philly Fun-ics book is hysterical--a pronunciation guide


        Never tried any baskets with hoagies, cheesesteaks, pretzels. Usually stick to the ones with candy, tastycakes, sodas, etc.

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          I second taste of philadelphia. Have sent cheese steaks to my relatives in the midwest with good results.

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            That's good to know. I've always sent the baskets with the packaged items as I was unsure how things like hoagies and cheesesteaks would travel. Maybe I'll try the cheesesteaks to my nephew in SC (since every time he visits, he and his friends make a cheesesteak tour, consuming 5+ on his first day in town).

        2. I'd second the PA General Store. I shipped a cheesesteak kit and tastycakes to Chicago after last year's Stanley Cup and it was a disaster so I'd skip that.

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            Why was the tastykakes a disaster? Damaged in shipment?

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              I purchased a combo cheesesteak kit and tastykakes (may have had pretzels too) from a local business that shall remain nameless. The tastykakes had an expiration date of the next day - that was probably the least of the issues. My entire purchase price was refunded.

          2. Are you sure you want to mail the package....? It seems like you'd rather deliver the gift basket in person..