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Apr 1, 2011 12:31 PM

April 2011 News on CSA, Farmers Market, farm stands etc.

The season is underway with a note from Allandale Farm saying they will open tomorrow April, 2nd.

Allandale said, "With our building renovations completed and the greenhouses full to brimming, we are looking forward to another great season. Stop by this weekend for familiar finds like breads from Clear Flour Bakery, and new offerings like Canto 6 pastries."

They hadn't updated their site as of this posting.

And, Opening day for the Copley Square Market is announced as May 17th. Lee from Mass Farmers Markets says he is putting the 2011 dates into their database as he receives them.

And, don't forget Marshall's Fenway Farm Stand. They've been here for us all winter!


Flour Bakery + Cafe
12 Farnsworth St, Boston, MA

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  1. I just picked up my April share of the First Light Farm's WINTER CSA - yes folks, it's still going.
    Incredible: red (inside and out) potatoes, huge bag of spinach, butter crunch and asstd. lettuces, white turnips, beautiful beets,bok choi, greens, tiny spring onions - but the jaw-dropper was - a bottle of maple syrup from Valley View Farm. I love this CSA and Mike the farmer.

    First Light Farm
    94 Locust St, Danvers, MA 01923

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    1. re: pastrytroll

      Amen to what pastrytroll just said. My box was slightly different - chives instead of spring onions, white potatoes, green-seeded simpson lettuce - only two very small beets - but a big bunch of assorted braising greens. Such an abundance of FRESH leafy things was a delight. There is one more distribution next month, then it is on to the summer share season. I think Mike still has some shares available. If I lived on the North Shore I would certainly buy one. As it is, I live five minutes from Waltham Fields Community Farm, where I was lucky enough to be able to get a CSA share for the coming season. (They are now sold out for the year.)

      1. re: PinchOfSalt

        Hey, I'll miss you, but it is such a drive for you. Yes, Mike does have some shares (and half shares this year) available.

    2. The open-air farmers' market season will open on Sunday May 1st with some farmers coming out to the SOWA Open Market on Harrison Avenue in the South End. Speed's Hot Dogs will be there too. I saw him yesterday and he told me he was on for May 1st.

      Next up, Stillman's will be in JP behind the bank of May 14th if their permits arrive in time. Then, Copley will open May 17th.


      1. Can anyone recommend a farm in the Metrowest area that might still have CSA shares available for this year?

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        1. re: BostonMAC

          Have you tried Stillman's Farm? They seem to have some spaces in a couple of places out there.

          Stillman's Farm
          1205 Barre Road, New Braintree, MA

        2. Farmer Daves has added Malden to their list of pickup sites. Fruit and veg shares for the summer but no late-season/winter CSA for us. I am sorely tempted to try them out but have already committed to Farm Direct Coop again. They have a new main grower this year so I'm interested to see what kind of goods we get.