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Apr 1, 2011 12:23 PM

Need Recipe for Mac and Cheese with truffle/truffle oil

I searched and epicurious and didn't find anything. I need a recipe to make a pan of this as a surprise for my husband. I am not looking for a complex pasta recipe, just a macaroni and cheese that has truffle in it or truffle oil drizzled, either black or white.

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  1. When you add your cheese to your bechamel sauce, stir in truffle oil or chopped truffle to taste. If you want to class up the cheese sauce, use a combination of sharp cheddar, gruyere and mozzarella. Stir in your macaroni and transfer to a casserole. Top with bread crumbs with some thyme and run under the broiler. Finish with shaved black truffle.

    1. Along similar lines as JungMann- I don't have a specific recipe, but if you like mushrooms- I used fontina with a mild white cheese combo in my sauce with Truffle oil- and added some sauted mushrooms with bread crumbs and thyme on top.....and it was divine.

      1. Wolfgang Puck served this at the Governor's Ball after the Academy Awards. Hope this helps, if you're still looking.