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Apr 1, 2011 09:52 AM

What's wrong with the Farinata?

I've been making farinata for about a year now, every time successfully (http://bit.ly/hEZv6Q).

However, four friends have been trying very hard to do so and, even with multiple attempts, have been unsuccessful. I'm wondering if any CHers have experienced similar trouble with the item.

A few facts worth noting:

All 4 friends are very accomplished cooks, one could be a professional pizzaiolo or baker.

2 of the four use chickpea flour provided by me, so it's the same exact flour I use.

1 of the four has the exact same wood oven that I have.

Somewhere in these several attempts should have been at least one successful outcome!

I'm missing something here. Any idea what it could be?

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  1. I think that is something very difficult to figure out without more specifics of what they added to the chick pea flour, and what the problematic result was.

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    1. re: roxlet

      Each followed my instructions precisely, or as close to such as possible. Comments have been that it was dry, powdery, flavorless, too dense, nothing positive.

      I know it's difficult to troubleshoot this way. I guess my thought is that maybe somebody has gone through a similar situation and so will know right away some possible explanations.

      Thanks, though.

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        Why don't you tell us your recipe and we can go from there...

    2. Are they adding the layer of onion at the bottom?

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        Roxlet: The recipe is included in the link that's in first line of my original post.

        Lilgi: They have done it both w/ onions at bottom (per my way) and mixed into batter, the more traditional way.

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          Thanks, I thought initially maybe the wrong chickpea flour since it goes under other names, but you indicated using Italian ceci flour and sharing yours with them. Edited this post, sorry missed where you said result was "dry" "powdery" thinking possibly the onions may have something to do with it.