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Apr 1, 2011 09:45 AM

Henderson Italian

Going to be staying in Henderson for the weekend. Any good mom/pop Italian places?

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  1. Bratalian just opened in Henderson recently. The chef is Carla Pelligrino who used to run Rao's and has ventured out on her own after a divorce. The food is very very good. Also very good is Gaetano's. Both are on Eaastern Avenue and short distance from each other.

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      Suggest you read some recent Yelp reviews on Bratalian....

      Gaetano's is very good; the food and the service are solid. If you like pizzas, I'd highly recommend Settebello, which is terrific Naples-style pizza, some nice salads and antipasto, but no pasta.

      140 S Green Valley Pkwy Ste 172, Henderson, NV 89012

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        Bratalian has gotten very bad reviews both on Yelp and from people I know that have eaten there. The place needs to take another look at it's operation. It's fairly new so maybe in a couple of months.....
        If you're really looking for good Italian food and a mom and pop atmosphere, try Buon Gusto. This little place located in a shopping plaze at Eastern and Horizon Ridge gets awesome reviews and several of my neighbors have gone again and again. The food is excellent and the service is perfection itself. See Yelp for reviews. Have a great weekend in our little town.

    2. Not just Henderson, but the entire Vegas Valley is a wasteland of good mom and pop Italian. Most Italian restaurants in the valley are higher priced eateries. Most of the lower priced ones are pizza joints with entrees that taste worse than pouring canned tomato sauce on boiled chicken breast. Some bars specialize in Italian cuisine but even then most fail. My barometer for an casual Italian restaurant is what side dish is served with entrees that don't contain a marinara sauce. If I order Chicken Marsala or Picatta and their side dish is penne with the all purpose tomato sauce... it's a FAIL.

      I recently ate lunch at the Pasta Shop which recently moved to Horizon Ridge at Carnegie and was disgusted. Linguine with marinara and sausage. Ignoring the fact that linguine is the wrong pasta to serve with a marinara sauce, the pasta looked and tasted like it was left overs. The sausage was not browned, Tasted like it was cooked and kept warm in a steam table.

      BTW, even the mom and pop's prices are usually $15+ per entree.

      Pasta Shop Ristorante
      2525 West Horizon Ridge Parkway
      Henderson, NV 89052
      (702) 451-1893

      Buon Gusto Ristorante
      2642 West Horizon Ridge Pkwy # A2
      Henderson, NV 89052-2872
      (702) 407-6600

      Montesano's Italian Eateria
      9905 S. Eastern
      Las Vegas, NV 89183
      (702) 870-3287

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        1. TAnnie’s Gourmet is a small mob and daughter Italian restaurant located at 1716 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy @ Valle Verde.

          1. re: westie

            LOL, westie, I'm sure you meant MOM and daughter. Yes Annie's is a good spot too. They cater to the locals in a big way. Nice atmosphere, outdoor seating and good food. Their house salad is excellent!!

            1. re: The Drama Queen

              Yes, that should have read mom. For those of you who are frugal seniors, Annie's offers nightly senior specials that are priced right.

              Daily Senior Specials 55+
              Includes Caesar Salad, Bread
              Tuesday- Tortellini Alfredo
              Thursday- Sausage and Peppers
              Friday- Fettucini Alfredo
              Saturday- Spaghetti and Meatballs
              **(No substitutions or splitting)**
              *Meat or Sausage may be added for an additional $2.00

        2. My go to italian is Tera Rossa... their sister restaurant at Terra Verde is supposed to have the same exact menu. Why? because they serve you amazing antipasto and bread when you sit down, the pasta is freshly made... and everything i've had there is fabulous.
          But you are saying its not Mom&Pop! and I say, i need my damn freshly made from scratch pasta. LOL

          Terra Verde
          2300 Paseo Verde Parkway, Henderson, NV 89052

          1. +1 for the Pasta Shop. Fresh made pasta, great little restaurant.