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Edgewater Restaurant Recommendations

Restaurants in Edgewater District- going to Broadway Armory - any suggestions?

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  1. If you're willing to walk/drive about a mile Southwest, there are a number of good, reasonably priced restaurants near the intersection of Foster/Clark (officially the Andersonville neighborhood):

    - Great Lake Pizza (Very difficult to eat here unless you arrive between 5PM and 5:30PM)
    - Anteprima
    - Hopleaf
    - Vincent
    - Big Jones

    Any more details on 1) How near to Broadway Armory you'd like to be; 2) How much you want to spend and 3) Any food/atmosphere preferences you have?

    I also assume you're talking about dinner rather than brunch or lunch?

    5316 N Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60640

    Hopleaf Bar
    5148 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60640

    Big Jones
    5347 N. Clark, Chicago, IL 60640

    Great Lake
    1477 W Balmoral Ave, Chicago, IL 60640

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    1. re: Possumlad

      The dive-y but reliable Mei Shung is a couple of minutes away. Great old-school Chinese.

      1. re: ferret

        I strongly second Mei Shung and will add Thai Pastry (Broadway at Ainslie), arguably the cleanest business in Chicago. Reza's is always reliable for grills and good rice.

        Thai Pastry Restaurant
        4925 N Broadway St Ste E, Chicago, IL 60640

    2. There are quite a few decent places right in Edgewater within a ten-minute walk of the Armory, no more than half a mile (so there's no need to go all the way to Andersonville):

      Broadway Cellars (wine bar, around the corner from the Armory) - www.broadwaycellars.net
      Ras Dashen (Ethiopian, one block south on Broadway) - www.rasdashenchicago.com
      Indie Cafe (Thai/Japanese, one block north on Broadway) - www.indiecafe.us
      Ethiopian Diamond (two blocks north on Broadway) - www.ethiopiandiamondcuisine.com
      M. Henrietta (American, two blocks north and turn right on Granville) - www.mhenrietta.com
      That Little Mexican Cafe (three blocks south and turn left on Bryn Mawr) - www.tlmcafe.com
      Francesca's Bryn Mawr (Italian, three blocks south and turn left on Bryn Mawr) - http://www.miafrancesca.com

      1. I like both the Ethiopian restaurants in that stretch

        Ethiopian Diamond
        - 6120 N Broadway St, Chicago

        Ras Dashen
        -5844 N Broadway St, Chicago

        Indie Cafe - Thai/Japanese fusion. I like their Japanese side better
        -5951 North Broadway Street

        Moody's - because nothing really beats their beer garden in the summer. Sangria and a burger with grilled onions. Perfection
        -5910 North Broadway

        Patio Beef - your basic hot dog/beef stand but they do it well and with lots of love and they are a great contributers to neighborhood events.
        -6022 N Broadway St

        There is Broadway Cellars but I didn't care for it.

        Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant
        6120 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60660

        Patio Beef
        6022 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60660

        Broadway Cellars
        5900 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60660

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        1. re: lbs

          Agree w/ Ibs: If being within a 5-10 minute walk from the Broadway Armory is your primary concern, the two Ethiopian places are your best best. If the question was more along the lines of "I'm up in Edgewater, what are some great places in the general area?" then I'd stick to the five I mentioned in my original post. Not knocking the others, they're just places you probably wouldn't see recommended outside your very specific request (except for possibly M. Henrietta).

          1. re: Possumlad

            >> If the question was more along the lines of "I'm up in Edgewater, what are some great places in the general area?" then I'd stick to the five I mentioned in my original post.

            LOL! If I were going to assume that, when someone asks about places in one neighborhood, they're really looking for places in other neighborhoods which would require them to get back into the car (or hail a cab or take another CTA ride), then I'd be recommending Alinea in Lincoln Park, maybe Topolobampo in River North, etc. :)

            1. re: nsxtasy

              nxtasy is a respected poster, but doesn't appreciate when people disagree with him :)

              Certainly we can all agree that a list of very good restaurants within .75 to 1 Mile (in other words, 12-16 minute walk) of your destination is a good deal more helpful and reasonable than if I were to have said "I would drive to Alinea in Lincoln Park or Topolobompo in River North."

              I answered the question the exact way I'd hope others would if I asked the same. If someone truly wants a recommendation within 1/4 or 1/2 mile of their exact location, typically they'll specify. It would be a damn shame for you to go to "That Little Mexican Cafe" simply because you didn't know of other great (and far superior)restaurants within a mile. On the other hand: as stated, the Ethiopian places are your best best if you want to be within a 3-10 minute walk.

              1723 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614

              Little Mexican Cafe
              1055 W Bryn Mawr Ave Ste C, Chicago, IL 60660

              1. re: Possumlad

                >> Certainly we can all agree that a list of very good restaurants within .75 to 1 Mile (in other words, 12-16 minute walk) of your destination is a good deal more helpful and reasonable

                But none of the places you posted were 12-16 minutes walk away, and none of them are even within a mile. Per Google maps:

                Great Lake Pizza 1.1 miles 21 minutes
                Anteprima 1.2 miles 24 minutes
                Hopleaf 1.4 miles 28 minutes
                Vincent 1.1 mile 21 minutes
                Big Jones 1.1 mile 23 minutes

                That's not necessarily walking distance, at least not for many people. Usually, when someone is looking to eat somewhere before or after a show, they're trying to find a place nearby so that they don't have to drive and re-park the car or take a cab to someplace else. These places just aren't close by. And recommending them instead of the good places that ARE close by does a huge disservice to the person asking for recommendations in another neighborhood entirely.

        2. I have to give a shout out to Broadway Cellars. The food is good, the service is very friendly, and their prix fixe night is a real bargain. And the portions aren't miserly Their bread pudding is simply to die for. Hearty, well-made food that appeals to a lot of tastes in a great atmosphere. I love those guys! Neither do they smack of the irritating food snobbery that abounds in so many restaurants and in the food culture generally these days.

          Broadway Cellars
          5900 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60660

          1. Just wanted to second other recs of Moody's for their yummy burgers and M. Henrietta's if you're looking for something a bit nicer. Both are two of my favorites in the neighborhood. That Little Mexican Cafe, on the other hand, has some undeserved hype in my opinion. Went once, found it to be overpriced and I had pretty poor service there. The restaurants mentioned in Andersonville are all great, but if you're unfamiliar w/Edgewater, you should do your visit justice and eat in the neighborhood.

            Also, side note, saw Black Watch last week, it was incredible. Enjoy it!

            That Little Mexican Cafe
            1010 Church St, Evanston, IL 60201

            1. I'm going to be staying at the Heart O' Chicago Motel next month. Are these places near that area too... Thanks

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              1. re: rozz01

                >> I'm going to be staying at the Heart O' Chicago Motel next month. Are these places near that area too...

                Sort of but not exactly. The OP was looking for places near the Broadway Armory. Broadway is a north-south commercial street located about half a mile east of your motel, and most of the places mentioned above are on or near Broadway. So you can walk that half mile and you'll be around most of them.

                As another alternative, from the motel, you can walk south on Clark Street, which is another north-south commercial street. About a quarter mile south of the motel, it splits with Ashland Avenue, and this is the north end of the Andersonville neighborhood, which has a lot of restaurants and bars. One of the first ones you'll encounter on Clark Street just south of there is M. Henry, which is one of the very best places in Chicago for breakfast. Just beware of long waits to be seated on Saturdays and Sundays between roughly 9:30 and 12:30. www.mhenry.net

                The other Andersonville places mentioned in the first reply above are significantly south of there, near the Foster/Clark intersection, which is considerably further than M. Henry, making them a bit further than the ones on Broadway. The exact distance depends on how far south they are. Most of those Andersonville restaurants are along Clark Street, so you can use their addresses to figure out distance. In Chicago's grid system, each 800 house numbers are about one mile. So, for example, Hopleaf Bar at 5148 N. Clark (just south of Foster) is about 3/4 mile south of M. Henry at 5707 N. Clark, so it's just over a mile from the motel. You might want to spend the time walking down Clark Street to check them all out; it's a fun neighborhood for strolling, day or night.

                Oh, and if you enjoy pastries, there are two really good bakeries on this stretch of Clark Street. Swedish Bakery at 5348 N. Clark specializes in, well, you know what they specialize in. www.swedishbakery.com And Pasticceria Natalina at 5406 N. Clark specializes in Sicilian pastries.

                1. re: nsxtasy

                  Also, if you're looking for good coffee (in my opinion) Coffee Studio is at 5628 Clark St. http://www.thecoffeestudio.com/ They serve Intelligenstia Coffee and have a good selection of teas, as I recall. Nice place to enjoy a cup...if it's nice outside, they have a some outdoor seating to enjoy the day and some people-watching. They also have some pastries and baked goods.

                  M. Henry has a patio in the back of their restaurant too which I've found to be lovely. But I'm not as big of a fan of the food as nsxtasy. However you can get lunch and breakfast there. I will say that their soup is very good.

                  If you want a quick bite - sandwiches/deli style - you could also check out Piatto Pronto @ 5624 N Clark which is an Italian deli. They make hand-crafted sandwiches and have some salads. Also at Clark and Olive (next to McDonald's). They do not appear to have a website however.

                  If the weather is nice enough, walking to M. Henry, Coffee Studio or Piatto Pronto is no problem. However, like nsxtasy said, going farther south on Clark toward Foster would be much farther walk. You could always catch a cab or take the 22 bus south on Clark to your destination.

                  Piatto Pronto
                  5624 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60660

                  1. re: iphonechica

                    How can anyone NOT be a fan of M. Henry??? With their incredible blisscakes (pancakes with fruit and mascarpone), all their great benedicts and omelets, their wonderful "out of this world" bread pudding*, and all the great baked goods??? There's a reason why it's one of the top places for breakfast in the entire city (and why there are long lines on weekends)!

                    *Note - the out of this world bread pudding is normally available only on weekends (on the standard Sunday brunch menu, and as a daily special on Saturdays).

                    1. re: nsxtasy

                      As I've noted before, they don't know how to properly cook eggs. I live 3 blocks away...used to go regularly, until after several attempts to communicate how I want my eggs cook, which is a standard "over-medium", I kept getting served over-easy or over-hard eggs.

                      I will admit, I have not tried blisscakes...because I like eggs for breakfast/brunch.

                      I just feel it's over-rated and have found success at other breakfast establishments. For example, my husband and I found brunch to be quite lovely at Big Jone's (5347 N. Clark). Although a bit of a walk from Heart O' Chicago.

                      I realize people love M. Henry...it's just my opinion of the place.

                      Big Jones
                      5347 N. Clark, Chicago, IL 60640

                      1. re: iphonechica

                        Thanks for elaborating.

                        I've had the "New Orleans style" brunch at Big Jones and enjoyed it - especially the beignets!

                2. re: rozz01

                  Nobody is neutral about White Castle Hamburgers---they are either loved or hated---but if you are a lover, just about the only remaining White Castle on the North Side of Chicago is a few steps from the Heart O'Chicago Motel.

                3. I'm pescetarian, so no White Castle for me... Dad loved them though...

                  1. Thanks for all the great recommendations. We decided to walk to Ethiopian Diamond and we found the food to be excellent. We had never eaten African food before and really enjoyed the meal, and thank goodness the staff was very helpful! We also stopped by Mei Shung on the way home and got the potstickers and fried duck to go. My family thought it was excellent. So we hit a home run thanks to all of you.

                    Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant
                    6120 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60660