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Apr 1, 2011 09:29 AM

Prairie Girl Bakery

Just walked by this place on Victoria St @ King--it looks brand spanking new. Cupcakes are $2.95 each. Flavors are pretty much standard...choc, vanilla, red velvet etc. I am curious if anyone has tried them yet.

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  1. I confess, I stopped by and paid the $2.95 for a full-size cupcake. I bought the carrot cake w/cream cheese frosting. It was a very good carrot cake -- flavourful, fresh, moist, with raisins and coconut, which I like. A generous amount of cream cheese frosting, which was a bit sweet for my liking and could've had more of a cream cheese tang, but still very tasty, and I appreciated that they weren't stingy with the frosting like some bakeries in Toronto.

    I suspect this place is hoping to garner business from the nearby offices -- special orders from banks, etc. They'll do a fine walk-in trade too, if the crowd today is any indication. I would stop by once in a while for a treat, but it's a bit pricey for every day. They are exclusively a cupcake shop -- no other sweets whatsoever.

    One quibble: They put my cupcake in a single-serving box, well suited to protect the cupcake in transit, but rather large for just one. The box was twice as high as the cupcake!

    1. I went today as well! Right by my office which will be dangerous. I bought 6 of their mini-cupcakes for $9 and change. I tried the chocolate chocolate (chocolate cake with chocolate frosting), and the toasted coconut (white cake with coconut frosting).

      Both were very moist and I really enjoyed their frosting, rich but not too heavy imo, usually I tend to scrape off most of the frosting, but these were just right. And I really liked that they had minis, perfect for a little pick-me-up when you need them. Definitely check it out, they had the standard flavours and they do a rotating weekly special. The woman told me their website should be launching soon.

      1. Does Prairie Girl sell any Prairie staples, like puffed wheat squares, matrimonial bars, the peanut butter marshmallow slice, sex in a pan, butterhorns or Fermipan buns? Cupcakes are so not Prairie-baking.

        Be a real Prairie Girl, and bring on the butterhorns.

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        1. re: prima

          Walked past this PG around 2:30 pm on Saturday. They were closed since they had sold out of cupcakes. PG sells cupcakes and nothing else, as far as I could tell from their signage.

          Wish someone would sell real Prairie baking. Toronto doesn't need any more cupcakes. What Toronto needs is saskatoon pie, puffed wheat squares, applejacks and diplomats/imperials.

          1. re: prima

            I concur, spice cake with crumb topping, boiled raisin cookies. Some good old prarie staples.

            1. re: MiniMom

              Exactly! ;-)
              these kinds of baked goods:

              and for a modern take on Prairie baking, the new Orange Boot in Regina looks promising!

        2. I couldn't help but go inside after I walked past it, so I bought one of each of the minis to try. They were all really amazingly moist, and the icing was just perfect. You can tell they bake fresh, as the quality was superb. I really recommend trying the vanilla cupcake with strawberry buttercream. It tastes like creamy frozen yogurt on top of moist fluffy cake. Reasonably priced too.

          1. UNBELIEVABLY delicious. So moist. Clearly superior, fresh baking ingredients. I passed around the office 24 of the mini cupcakes and six of the standard size (which are huge, and worth the price!!). WITHOUT EXCEPTION everyone who was lucky enough to get one RAVED about how wonderful they are. They are fabulous.

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            1. re: VespaGrrl

              What other cupcakes have your tried? What were your fav's before? How would you describe the texture of the buttercream?

              1. re: JennaBean

                I thought the strawberry was pretty awesome....and the lemon on the vanilla cupcake.
                Truly, I thought they were all delicious...andn the fact that there are "mini" cupcakes is dangerous, because you figure you can eat several of them and still have eaten less than the "big"one....but the problem is, i expect you'll want more than 2 or 3....

              2. re: VespaGrrl

                Wow, you must have been popular at the office!! Do you know if the frosting is a swiss meringue or regular buttercream?