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Apr 1, 2011 08:30 AM

Pronti Bistro - Needham: A Lovely lovely new option in the area!

I dropped in this morning after I read that it was finally open. It's on 2nd ave in Needham, just by 128/95.

It's in a big space with tables along the walls/windows, and decorated with various Punjabi items, and a tv blaring Bollywood. Loved the techno rendition of 'Dum maro dum'. There's a walk-up counter where you order your food.

I ordered the Punjabi Nashta, which was basically a spicy sausage & egg breakfast roll-up in a paratha. The paratha was oily but not unctuous, and filled with a spicy egg scramble (egg bhurji) with bits of chili, green onion, masala. Delicious - if not a bit greasy, with droplets of yellow spicy oil. You could have a choice of sausage, ham, and something else (forget). I ordered the 'sausage', and found it inside the wrap, serving as a backbone to the roll. It oddly comes with a choice of an apple, banana, or orange. Hey, why not!

Though I've only taken a few bites, the darn thing is delicious. It's obviously cooked fresh and has a very homemade taste - something quick your mom would fix you before school. There was a pretty strong underlying burn of chili, and added a nice dimension of heat. This is like the Indian cousin to the Wake-up Wrap, but much much much better.

In typical Chowhound fashion, I ordered proactively for lunch. I ordered some sort of tikka lamb roll-up, in the same paratha wrap. The woman at the counter warned me that it comes with loads of vegetables, and that they recommend the lettuce, tomato, and cucumber, at the very minimum. I added green and red peppers and onions. And loaded, it was. The roasted lamb was very tender (though I got a couple gristly pieces - no bigs), and was nicely marinated. This wrap wasn't as oily as the breakfast wrap mentioned above. Good level of mouth burn. Overall, pretty darn tasty.

I could totally dig coming here as a regular. Can't wait to check out the other menu items, which included several other wraps, a list of soups, all sorts of chais, as well as much more that I missed. I didn't see a paper menu or else I would have grabbed one.

Total for the two items was twelve bucks. Not bad!

Overall - a great first impression. Planning to come back. Definitely give this place a try and show 'em some love.

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  1. Oh my gosh-I finally made it here and loved it.

    Lunches come as wraps on paratha or same filling on rice. I went with the paratha. You pick you meat, veg, sauce and cheese.

    Shamefully, my knowledge of Indian cuisine is rather lacking. But I do know that I love the flavors. I also like a bit of heat. Alright, I like heat. Maybe not killer, go soak you head after, but heat is nice.

    So, I orded the "red fort"--which is tandoori chicken (menu and waitstaff indicated spicy) with all the vegs (incuding jalepenos), mango chutney and provolone. It was fabulous-fresh, juicy, succulent. The exact amount of heat I want for a worktime lunch: you feel it, your mouth is left slightly burning, but you can taste your food and hold a normal conversaton. Delicious flavors. I was thinking the cheese might be an odd addititon--but it worked. Just writing about it makes me want another right now .

    It comes with a nice little salad and a tasty dessert bite (jumjum??). This was a cake ball soaked in syrup. I probably would never have orderd it for lunch--but it was a perfect ending to a nicely spicy lunch. Just a little mouthful of something sweet.

    All the folks (owner Ray??) and staff there were helpful and welcoming. The place is brand spanking new, clean and sunny as can be.

    On top of all that goodness, they had samples to taste while you wait--really excellent gazpacho with it's own kick of heat and some cukes left in small chunks for texture. Really good. Just had some made by my brother on Sunday We all loved his. Pronti's was 5X better(sorry Skippy). Along with this were iced chai (not my cup of tea--haha--this was fine, I'm just not a chai fan) and mango lassi. Never had a lassi (back to my need to shore up on Indian food) but I liked it!

    Pronti is close to my office and I usually bring lunch. This will be a go to spot when I need to go. Between that and Baza (and I know Farm Grill is down the road but I get my fix at Falafel King) this area is well served.

    There were only a couple of other people in there, so get there if you can and give them some business--you will be pleased. Don't let the odd-looking-parking situation daunt you--there's plenty around the back and I pulled in and out as easy as pie .

    Seriously--I may need to go back for dinner tonight.

    O yum.

    30 Tower Road, Newton, MA 02464