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Apr 1, 2011 07:39 AM

Is Speed's open today (any confirmations)??

I've celebrated several of the last Red Sox's Opening Days with a Speed's Dog on lap and radio in car. Its quite a hike from Metro West, but a man has his priorities. before I schlep into town, can anyone confirm he's open today (and not hibernating from the snow)??

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  1. Give him a call. His name is Grag

    (617) 839-0102 ‎

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    1. re: Locutus

      He's on my speed dial too..:) just got a recording from yesterday that he was open but nothing yet about today.

      1. re: Locutus

        wonderful - thank you, will call him

      2. It's been a while since we've seen these sorts of threads :)

        1. speed's was closed for "renovations" according to his site, but was open yesterday. I had my first speed dog (chile and mustard) and while it was delicious, $8 is too much for a hot dog.

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          1. re: observor

            I've definitely heard that complaint, but I'm not sure it holds water. At $8, a Speed's dog costs the same or slightly less than a sandwich at, say, All-Star Sandwich Bar, or the Cubano at El Oriental and is at least as filling. Heck, it seems like most pub burgers these days START at $8 or $9 and go up from there!

            Now, if it were the size of an Oscar Mayer weiner in a JJ Nissen split roll, then yeah, $8 would be a travesty. But I consider it a comparative bargain in terms of quality.

              1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                I still disagree...a sandwich can be a more filling and vaired food item compared to a hot dog, and you usually get chips or fries with it...even if it is a good hot dog, it is still a hot dog...$8 is just too expensive...$6 would be a good price. I won't be getting it again, but if it was $6 dollars I would have a lot of them. Does anyone know what brand of hot dog that is?

                  1. re: observor

                    I don't get chips there, and I often cannot finish that dog.


                  2. re: Jenny Ondioline

                    Seems like a good deal to me. Compare it with was people from the "Nation" pay at fenway. And they don't get to have any fun chatting with Greg.

                    I stopped and brought home a speed dog and a grilled pastrami today. The two of us shared both as a feast for supper.


                    1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                      Snarfed the half-pound dogger at Tasty Burger the other day -- $8 -- sans fries* (they range from $8-12).

                      *Though I did order fries and was disappointed to see they've gone the way of the frite-fad now too

                      Tasty Burger
                      1301 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116

                        1. re: C. Hamster

                          anyone have an update on a possible Speeds brick and mortar location in the Fenway that was rumored several months back?

                          1. re: Gordough

                            I heard/read somewhere (here, maybe?) that the Fenway location was in doubt.


                            1. re: MC Slim JB

                              I think that came up in one of Devra First's recent chats.

                    1. Open today, and delicious as usual. Was supposed to be at an MIT event, but Cambridge wouldn't allow his cart across city lines.

                      Greg is doing the SOWA events, every other Sunday, starting tomorrow.