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Apr 1, 2011 07:31 AM

Asian hound in Paris

Another question on etiquette.. Would it be rude to have just 2 courses as an a la carte meal at a 2 or 3 star establishment? Much as I love to eat, am increasingly finding it tough to get through 3 courses plus amuse bouche, etc. Wondering which is worse, simply not finishing my food or ordering fewer courses? Would a bistro be more flexible with light eaters? Have lunches planned at Rostang and G savoy, hence, hoping to contrast them with more rustique options for dinner, would regalade or L'ardoise fit the bill? Not sure how much i can manage for dinner, perhaps I should be less ambitious and stick to salad, sigh!

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  1. You can always skip dessert, a lot of people do. Though at places like Guy Savoy's it takes a lot of courage.

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    1. Of course you can take only one or two courses. They're here to please you. But, to take only one or two courses, I would chose a better restaurant than Savoy and Rostang.

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        Was wondering if L'Ambroisie would throw me out if I only order a main and the choc tarte for dinner...

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          I'm pretty sure they won't. In fact, I remember only ordering the chicken dish because my budget was über maxed out. It took a while to cook, so they threw in a complimentary... zucchini in the meanwhile. To be fair, the comped zucchini was one the best things I ever ate. But it was ten years ago.

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            I also ordered only two courses the first time I was there, no problem. That was also about ten years ago. Now that they know me, however, they always try to tempt me with four courses...

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              When we went, not too long ago, I didn't get the sense that it would matter but that the maitre d' was adept at tempting you to get more. We were fearful about the bill and about being too full. (That said, they amazingly charged us much less than expected for the chicken.)

      2. We have the same issues that you have, so our primarary meal is almost always at midday. Most bistro prix-fixe options include only an entree and plat. Sometimes we just go for two entrees if the management is flexible. In the evenings we often go for one dish at one of the luxe cafes. Not to worry, the French have also discovered salads as a primary meal. Some tourist traps will not allow a salad only order; who needs them!

        1. order whatever you are the customer, you are paying...take control of your life...