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Apr 1, 2011 07:22 AM


Hello from Ohio!

My husband will be spending a couple of nights in Uvalde on a business trip in the middle of April. Are there any good places there? He also has a friend in Laredo he'd like to see -- if there aren't any good places in Uvalde, is there anyplace between there and Laredo they could meet? Barbecue is good, Tex-Mex, anything non-chain he can't get at home. He grew up in McAllen and went to UT Austin, so he'd like something good and I don't mean French.


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  1. I once had a pleasant meal at a decent local steak house called Jack's. That's the only noteworthy thing I remember about food in Uvalde, except a lovely breakfast at a fine and hospitable B&B called Live Oaks, which I think is now closed (unfortunately).

    1. Barbara,
      We live in that area and not much to offer except Tex Mex which is all over town. There IS a funky little place (and I mean funky and little) in town called Live Oak Drive Thru. They serve some really good "weird for gringo's" Mexican dishes including gordita's which is like a BBQ pita thing. It's been featured on Bizarre Foods. Jack's Steakhouse is decent, too.

      There is a good Mexican "joint" in Batesville (20 miles south of Uvalde) that we enjoy called Yomi's. She does a very nice job on everything (enchiladas and guacamole) and it's on your way to Laredo. Stay on this side of the border wherever you visit.


      Live Oak Drive Thru
      128 S High St, Uvalde, TX 78801

      Yomi's Restaurant
      Highway 57, Batesville, TX 78829

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        Thanks, zorra and Mike. These are good suggestions and I welcome more. He doesn't know yet if he's going to end up driving to Laredo to meet his friend, if they're going to meet in the middle, or what. Depends on when his work is done, friend's work situation, etc. I think he's leaving on the 13th. Anybody else care to offer names, please do. I must confess I had not heard of Uvalde before.

        1. re: BarbaraMcI

          OK, OK, there IS another place we frequent when in town called Golden Dragon. to guess the cuisine? It has a good buffet that satisfies our Chinese cravings.

          Uvalde is a huge Farm and Ranch area. There is also a lot of hunting in the fall. If you want to see the area Texan's want to live /retire; it's 20 miles north of Uvalde. It's the southern beginning of the Texas Hill Country. You'll start seeing the hills when traveling west on highway 90 if you look to the right (north). There are cafes in every little town in that area. It'll be worth the drive if you can get away from Uvalde.


          Hill Country Cafe
          806 Main St, Kerrville, TX 78028

          1. re: Mike In Concan

            Haven't been out there in years. You could check out Roadfood under restaurants maybe for some Texas places that way,and has info on Uvalde and the are out there.never ate there in town unless it was a Dairy Queen years ago.

      2. Thanks, everybody. He's on his way now, and I've sent him all your suggestions. I'll get a report when he comes back!