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Apr 1, 2011 06:49 AM

Taco bell hot sauce!!

I love taco bell hot sauce unfortunately they know this and don't put out their hot sauce on the counter anymore for customers to take, they give it to you with your order if you ask for it.

Anyone know of any taco bell's that still let customer's get their own hot sauce?

What if any hot sauce can you purchase that is either the same or even better than taco bell hot sauce.

I'm talking about the regular taco bell hot sauce in the light red packets, the darker taco bell hot sauce in the fire packet is gross, I also like their lighter hot sauce in the yellow packets.

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  1. Yes? Hi! The only one that is almost the close but is the million times better is the Cholula. You can get it at the Loblaw or the Kensington. Sometimes Vashi puts in the habanero extract to make it even the hotter and still have the amazing taste.

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      What? Cholula is sold at Loblaws? Which one? I discovered it on my honeymoon to Mayan RIveria and when the bottle got low, I convinced my husband that a vacation to Riveria was in order. All for the love of Cholula.

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        Yes? Hi! We did the seeing of the Cholula at all the Loblaw and the Metro too but many times it is the overpriced. The other better hot sauce from the mexico is the El Yucateco which is sometimes doing the hiding in the in mexican section of the loblaw but you can do the finding for the cheaper in the Kensington.

    2. Valentina hot sauce is VERY close!
      They even have it at Walmart...less than $2 a bottle I believe.

      I share your addiction to taco bell hot sauce....I used to steal a handful of the hot sauce on my way by (although I'm not really that keen on their bland food).

      1. mainly I would put whatever taco bell hot sauce I could get on Jamaican beef patties, amazing mouth-watering taste

        1. You seem pretty set on your Taco Bell sauce. If you want to try something different try La Tortilleria Market on Dufferin just south of Bloor. They have a large section of hot sauces and easily the best nacho chips I have ever had.

          1. Ok, this may only be in our local supermarkets but I have actually seen Taco Bell hot sauce for sale in jars. I haven't tried it and don't know if it's the actual same stuff as what you get in your taco bell, but, you could try asking your supermarket to stock it. Or google taco bell hot sauce and there are several online sources for the jars of sauce as well as the taco seasoning mix and not a few recipies for the sauce. So give it a whirl.

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              I've seen this for sale in the US but never here. Kraft actually makes the home products.