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Apr 1, 2011 06:34 AM

Still good after a year?

Starting my pesach cleaning/shopping I noticed that I have Matzos (Yehudah), Cake Meal, Matzo Meal, Matzo farfel, Potato starch, Matzo Ball soup mix and Brownie cake mix from last year. Would they still be good?

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  1. they should still be good. I still have a sealed box of 18 minute matzah from last year, FIFO, first in first out.

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      I have a co-worker of mine who is still munching on his last years shmurah matzo!

      Anyone know if any store in the 5 towns carries Charedim shmurah matzo? I asked Gourmet and they said they don't carry it. I hate to have to shlep to Boro Park just for this one item (but I will if I can't get it here - it is that good!).

      1. re: MartyB

        I bought the Charedim matzah by Supersol last year, but it was expensive. I just went with the shatzer hand this year 2 lbs whole matzah @41 and 2 lbs broken @$34

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          rabbis do not suggest saving matza and matza products year to year b/c there is a chance they can go chametzy-being kept in a damp area etc

            1. re: koshergourmetmart

              Matzah can never become chametz. If you avoid gebrokts, it could be a problem for that reason, but it's totally incorrect to say it can become chametz.

      2. All of them will be fine. They're all made form cardboard, after all.

        Seriously, the sole spoilage risk in one year with all of these is moisture absorption. If you keep these things form one year to the next, do it in a high end (freezer) ziploc bag. They sell giant ones for clothing storage that are big enough for a box of Charedim matzah shmurah. Given the price, I regularly save leftover boxes for the next year.

        I also have friends who have a family custom of hiding a piece of matzah behind an oil painting during the seder and eating the one left there from the year before with the afikomen. The last seder before the war, a child fell asleep and they couldn't find the matzah he had hidden. They found it while cleaning for Passover the next year. When it was the only matzah available in that town.

        Miracles can come in matzah sized pieces.

        1. The cake mixes usually have a "Best By" date stamped on them. The ones I saved from last year are still good. Also, tuna cans have a use by date. All the matzoh by-products are fine if stored in a Ziploc. All they are is flour and water- nothing that can go bad!

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            "All they are is flour and water- nothing that can go bad!"

            I take it you've never eaten a stale cracker?

          2. Re: Would they still be good?


            OK, kidding (only somewhat). In reality, I keep this stuff from year to year. I don't buy cake mixes or matzo ball soup mix (what's in it other than matzo meal anyway?), but I've definitely used all those other things year after year; I just keep them separate of my chametz food.

            1. I just made matzo balls from a mix that I bought on clearance last Pesach, and it tasted just fine to me!