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Apr 1, 2011 06:15 AM

April 2011 Openings and Closings

Here we go again. A new month and probably a number of openings and closings in and around Boston. Any that come to mind? I know that Pronti in Needham (Indian) should be open very soon and Floating Rock in Cambridge (Cambodian) should be opening any day now. As for closings, Scup's in East Boston is closed for now, at least until they can find a buyer for the place.

Floating Rock
485 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

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  1. This may be old, but I went by Aunt Mary's World Cafe in Lexington yesterday, only to find it replaced by something called "Kebab House"

    was disgruntled about the loss, so I didn't actually check the new place out!

    1. Sooo excited for Pronti! I keep driving by there and calling their phone number like a stalker.

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        1. re: galangatron

          I am going to go try it right now. BRB.

      1. I still put it in the "no great loss" category but the ShangriLa on cambridge st in boston is still "temporarily" closed due to an electrical problem after nearly 3 months now. That and the Subway next door got knocked down during one of the snow storms in January, the latter has been open for a while now but the former still hasn't reopened.

        1. From Jason Santos's twitter feed: " It's official I am opening a resto on the Greenway, hopefully opening by early June, last day at Gargoyles is Easter."

          Keep in mind it's 4/1!

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          1. re: marcreichman

            I don't know if I believe it about Jason Santos. A lot of people did believe my Tweet earlier today about 1200 Wegmans opening in the Boston area by next year, each having an In-N-Out Burger inside it. I know, it was a cruel April Fool's joke...

            1. re: hiddenboston

              "a lot of people did believe ..."

              now we know who made up the left side of the bell curve

              1. re: marcreichman

                He's still saying it's a go and refusing to deny it. I haven't noticed any ads for his position, but they could fill from within. It's no surprise - he's bigger than Gargoyles in terms of celebrity, and I can't imagine him staying on for what they could, or would, pay him, not that owning a stake in a restaurant is like having your own pot of gold. But celeb chefs can have their investors overpay them for long enough (and claim a tax liability) that they can eventually have several projects going to pay the bills.

                1. re: almansa

                  Devra First tweeted earlier today that Jason Santos' new place is opening in the Lobby space on Broad Street. Lobby shares a kitchen with Revolution Rock Bar, so I'm not really sure how this would work.

                  Revolution Rock Bar
                  200 High St Lbby 3, Boston, MA 02110

              2. Not a restaurant and not in April, but an Aldi food store is opening in Fellsway Plaza in Medford I think in June.

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                1. re: pemma

                  Very interesting. Aldi has cult status in Europe and hopefully brings some of its characteristics with it here.