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Favorite avocado toppings?

Okay, so it's not quite "cooking," but what are some of your favorite quick toppings for when you cut avocado in half and eat it right out of its skin? Sure, they're great with lime, but I feel I'm missing something.

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  1. I've had and enjoyed them with soy sauce and with seafood sauce (separately, not both at the same time). Lime, garlic and salt punches up the lime option too.

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      Definitely soy sauce, or ponzu. Addictive.

      1. Smoked salmon (or crab, or prawns) chopped and mixed with sour light cream, a little lemon juice, and herbs or spring onions.

        Or, your favourite salsa

        1. I know it sounds weird, but a very small drizzle of condensed milk is pretty good on them. Complete antithesis of the lime/salt/chile thing, but tasty in its' own right.

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            My mind's mouth says yes ma'am to that, sounds quite wonderful.

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              That sounds like the basis for a Vietnamese avocado shake, mamachef, one of my favourite ways to ingest an avocado. Though not possible straight out of the skin, of course :-).

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              Blue cheese is good, blue cheese salad dressing and some walnuts is better!

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                I make a bruschetta with tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil. Put a little blue cheese and melt it in a toaster oven. Finish it off with thick slices of avocado.


            2. Picked ripe off the tree, slice in half, sprinkle with salt and pepper, then slice a meyer lemon in half and drizzle over the whole thing. Heaven.

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                An avocado tree in your back yard? Wonderful!

                Thanks for all the great suggestions, everyone - I'm looking forward to the next week of experimenting.

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                  My husband lived in Santa Barbara and they used to supply the orchards with bees. That is where I learned to eat avacados.

              2. Balsamic vinegar and smoked salt.

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                  +1 on the balsamic and salt (I prefer sea or kosher) and fresh cracked black pepper.

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                    Add a soft or hard boiled egg and you have something really great.

                2. A hit of cholula sauce REALLY compliments avocado!

                  1. I'm very happy with just a generous squeeze of lemon and a good grind of s&p.

                    Of course, avocado works fantastically with all kinds of shellfish - shrimp or lobster salad in the "half-shell" is one of my favorite appetizers.

                    1. In The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath writes about eating halved avocados filled with melted grape jelly. I tried it once: not nearly as bad as you'd think, but since it's never occurred to me to repeat it, it must not have blown me away. As a college friend used to say: two tastes that meet in your mouth and go, "Huh."

                      I'm a huge fan of a plain avocado, actually - but garlic salt is nice, too.

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                        I remember that, but I think it was half jelly and half French dressing.

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                          That's right - I must have either forgotten the French dressing at the time, or not used it because we never have it around, and then forgotten it later. (Funny: grape jelly alone sounds fine to me, but grape jelly mixed with French dressing gets a recoil and an "ewww.")

                        1. I fill the seed hole with great quality plain yogurt. The tang of the yogurt is perfect with the rich smoothness of the avocado

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                          1. If I have any available, a little lobster salad, shrimp salad, or seafood salad. Mmmm.

                              1. They're bizarrely delicious sliced in half with the hole filled with Kraft italian salad dressing, which I otherwise disdain. But it's sensational with avocado, for some reason.

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                                  This used to be my favorite way to eat them when I lived with my parents, since they always had Kraft Italian in the house. Now, I have no other use for it so I never buy it, but damn it's good on an avocado!

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                                    I'm glad you posted this just now, because yesterday I took advantage of a big sale on avocados and am slightly buried in them. Worth shaking up that Kraft bottle! (It's also ok as a base flavoring for pasta salad, but that's about it.)

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                                      Buy the fat-free (water-based) Kraft Italian dressing and pour a half a bottle of it in a small saute pan. Add bite-sized pieces of chicken breast and saute until the dressing evaporates, leaving a lovely coating of spices on the chicken. Low cal, quick and delicious !!

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                                          It's a staple at our house, CC. And sooooo easy that it's embarassing. One time hubby brought several business friends home for dinner (surprise!!) and the only meat I had thawed out and in the refrigerator was four chicken breasts. Made a rice pilaf, steamed veggies and this low-cal chicken and it was a hit. Occasionally someone asks for the recipe and I blush because it's such a no-brainer!!

                                  2. Mounded with cottage cheese, and topped either with smoked paprika or with bacon and Catalina dressing.

                                    Also good with Frank's Chili Lime hot sauce.

                                    1. Lime juice, cilantro & Cholula/Tabasco/Frank's.

                                      1. Super simple (boring?) with salt and cilantro.

                                        1. Top with a few shrimp and some Russian or 1000 Island dressing. Can add a quartered tomato or a quartered hard boiled egg if you like. (Palta a la Reina)

                                          1. My uncle, who married my mom three years after my dad (his younger brother) died, was a Marine pilot stationed out of El Toro near L.A. for many years. And boy, did he love his avocados! He'd eat them with a large tablespoon of Best Foods mayo right in the middle of an avocado half and when he'd come to visit me after Mom died, I'd make up a baby (bay) shrimp salad of mayo, celery, Walla Walla onions and seasonings. I love them both ways, now :=)

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                                              I second the mayo, it's what my mom always did. I've never heard of anyone else doing it, I suppose mainly because most people seem to eat avocados in/with other foods. I prefer just to top it with a fork, though.

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                                                I've never done it but I can see the mayo with avocado. I love avocado with eggs, vinegar, and salt and pepper. Mayo is eggy, makes sense to me. :)

                                                1. re: AnneMarieDear

                                                  And how decadent! Fat with fat. What could possibly be wrong about that???

                                                  1. re: pilotgirl210

                                                    Just watch your weight and balance calculation, air temp, elevation, and fuel. And you may have to trim it back a bit...:)

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                                                      LOL. If I lived on avocados filled with mayo, I definitely would have a weight and balance problem!!

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                                                        On a Keto diet that is a perfecty great snack...

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                                                    Avocado & mayo smashed on toasted sourdough bread w/ a squeeze of lemon and sprinkle of salt! This was my favorite breakfast growing up in SoCal when all we had to do was go outside and pick the avocado & lemon from the trees at home.

                                                2. In the seed hole....salsa or pico de gallo...love avocado and tomato together...seems I've read that the 2 together are beneficial but can't find article to support this idea...but just had it today for lunch with a side of kidney beans. Very nice!

                                                  1. Cold garbanzo beans and a salad dressing of your choice.

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                                                      Oh, now that sounds delicious! Jogging my memory... of my mom doing a 3 bean salad (which she loves to put thousand island on, eek!), and once in awhile slices of avocado were on the plate. But I always gobble up avocado first so I never would've mixed beans into the bite... must try.

                                                    2. My absolute favourite that I'd eat as often as mum would let me when I was younger was to fill the avocado with tuna and drizzle with a bit of olive oil and a tiny bit of salt... best!

                                                      1. The best and my favorite topping I had only once. I was in Puerto Vallarta, and the avocado was just huge, so perfect in ripeness (not too soft). They leveled it so it was well balanced and I didn't have to worry about it tipping. It was filled with a wonderfully fresh and spicy Mexican shrimp salad with squeeze of lime. They served me an icy cold corona with a wedge of lime, anywayI think that's mandatory in Mexico. Omg... it was so goooooood!
                                                        Most of the avocados I get here are Haas which are very good, but they don't get to be that size. So I suffer silently with a squeeze of lime and salt and pepper. For me fresh small shrimp and avocado are a perfect marriage. Sure of course I make a spicy avocado and shrimp salad and it is very good, but there's something about digging into the creamy flesh of a perfectly ripe avocado right out of the skin that can't be topped.

                                                          1. I like to mix avocado slices, halved grape tomatoes (or other small tomatoes), cucumber slices, and sometimes a little fresh mozzarella in a bowl, top with a drizzle of EVOO, balsamic, salt and pepper. Delicious.

                                                            1. Tomato and feta cheese (sometimes with a little olive oil and balsamic vinager)
                                                              A scoop of cold Crab Salad
                                                              Cold Ahi Tuna, ginger, diced onions, soy sauce, sesame oil
                                                              Seaweed Salad with Ahi Tuna Soy sauce and sesame oil
                                                              Cream cheese, and smoked salmon.

                                                              1. Tajin. It's great on all sorts of fruits. Especially delicious on jicama sticks.