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Mar 31, 2011 08:40 PM

I'm done with BaLe Rockville

I can only assume a change of ownership has occurred. I was there for lunch today at noon. First things I noticed: the place was empty, and there was an underlying rancid odor. The menu, and especially the banh-mi menu, has narrowed conspicuously, with the combo, among others, no longer available.

Oh well, scratch one from my list.

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  1. I went there about two weeks ago, thinking it was an outpost of the Chicago Ba Le as their awning as the same logo as the place in Chicago.

    It was AWFUL. And just as you describe - rancid odor (maybe more like stale?), although not dirty in any specific way, not clean, very drab and worn-out looking. They were out of half the food items and what they had couldn't be described as food. Mystery meat. The food was horrible. I took one bite and threw it away.

    Had all the signs of a place about to die.

    1. it was one of my places to try one day. oh well. :-( thanks for the heads up

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        I drove by the place today. There was a sign on the door saying that the place is closed for renovation. It is supposed to reopen on June 20.