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Mar 31, 2011 08:11 PM

Pepperoncini Phoenixville

I heard that the new Pepperoncini in Phoenixville opened last week. I haven't been able to get there yet. Has anyone been there yet and able to give a brief review? I love their Conshohocken place.

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    1. re: yummykimmy

      Thanks for the info. It sounds like a great addition to the P-ville dining scene.

    2. Any one been there? Any comments on the place and food?

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      1. re: Bacchus101

        We went last Wednesday night and really enjoyed our meal. We started with soups, I had the tomato basil bisque (excellent) and husband had their seafood special soup (he enjoyed but was a little rich for his taste). I ordered a small plate of penne pasta in a blush vodka sauce (excellent) and he ordered a tuna entree (asked to have it barely cooked but it came out medium) which came with a nice salad. The bread and olive oil given complimentary were very good. Their service is excellent and the owner stopped by several times to ask how everything was. Their bar is nicely done with exposed stone, great tv's and great lighting. Will definitely be back because I want to try lots of items on their menu!

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          Thanks katesprings! We have friends on that side of Valley Forge who we have a seasonal dining date with and this would be a convenient spot. We have been mostly disappointed in other visits with them to Pville establishments other than Black Lab. I will check the link to their site from kimmy. Based on your comment "great tvs" it is my impression that this is a nice little bar serving interesting food. Did I get that right. Are their any rooms without TVs??? Thanks again.

      2. just fyi - tried to go for lunch but it wasn't open...want it to be like the 'old' la taverna - which wasn't necessarily great, but you knew what you were getting.

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        1. re: yummykimmy

          Bacchus 101, the great tv's are in the bar only. The dining room is pleasant without any tv's. If you are looking for great Italian, it's the best in that area by far.

        2. My husband and I had dinner here last night and it was WONDERFUL. The dining room is a little lacking in atmosphere, but the bar area is very cool. We had the arancini app (so yummy I didn't mind the peas); the sauce that accompanied it was sooo good with great homemeade taste. He had the penne with pancetta and spinach, I had the veal sinatra (veal with artichoke hearts, crabmeat and tomatoes). Both dishes were divine. Best was the dessert - possibly the best tiramisu I've ever had. We spoke to the owner and couldn't believe they had only been open 10 days! They didn't appear to have any of the usual 'growing pains' of a newly opened restaurant. We will definitely be back!!

          1. Dinner before a show for me is usually on the light side so my choices at Pepperoncini were a very tasty Arugula salad and the Three Cheese Eggplant. I certainly did not test the kitchen's upper limits. The Eggplant dish was served only warm, but quickly reheated. The service was friendly and attentive. We were probably asked 12 times by 8 different people if they could clear dishes or a dish. I did not feel this was a push, just a bit too attentive. The menu did look very interesting and other dishes served to those close by looked great and were definitely enjoyed. This is an Italian American red sauce grotto with additional interesting and challenging dishes.

            The stairs down to the grotto are a real trip, painted murals ending at an ocean cave. The bar looked fun and busy. My guess is they have not finished the dinning room which is in stark contrast to the passage way down. The tables are nicely set, but the strange glaring plastic(?) sconces against the gun powder gray walls gives the look of a bus station or Pendot Photo center, well at least at Pendot there is a picture of the Governor, nothing at all other than gray on the walls in the dinning room, stark for sure!

            Sent your expectations for good Italian American cooking at very reasonable prices , in a friendly
            (my guess is family run) and attentive place and you will not be at all disappointed. Don't see how they or you could miss in this new Pville spot !