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Mar 31, 2011 07:46 PM

Nashville for two days

Hi, Visiting Nashville (from L.A.) for the weekend to see my niece at Vanderbilt. Would love a few of your favorite restaurants for breakfast and dinner. Anything except Asian or Mexican would be appreciated. This will be my first visit to Tennessee.

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  1. You'll want to try some form of Nashville hot chicken, the most accessible one would be Bolton's on Main street just about a few miles east of downtown and about a 10 minute drive from Vanderbilt. It's literally a shack, don't let the scare you off.

    Arnold's would be a great option for southern style meat & 3, unfortunately they're closed on the weekends. If you happen to get in today, they'll be open from 1030 to about 3.

    An alternative to Arnold’s would be Monell's in the Germantown neighborhood just north of downtown for a great southern meal served family style.

    Since you'll be close to Vandy, your options really open up. Fido in Hillsboro Village for breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner, Sunset Grill, and Cabana are also within a minute or two of each other on foot.

    And of course, my recommendation wouldn't be complete without mentioning City House. I would venture to say that it's the finest eating establishment in all of Nashville.

    Enjoy your stay!

    City House
    1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

    Sunset Grill
    2001 Belcourt Ave, Nashville, TN 37212

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      All of Pete's recs are good (Fido especially), but if she's a Vandy student she's probably been to the ones in the Vandy area.

      For hot chicken also look at 400 Degrees, they moved recently (see, they're not on Clarksville Hwy any more). I concur with Monell's for some good southern food on the weekend. On a similar note, a drive out to Loveless Cafe might be fun -- they're famous for breakfast especially.

      For other recs outside the Vanderbilt bubble: Yellow Porch, Eastland Cafe, Porta Via, ChaChah. Or drive down to charming Franklin and try out Red Pony, or to Nolensville for Martin's Barbeque.

      Oh, and dittoditto on City House.