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Mar 31, 2011 07:26 PM

Safari Room Granada Hills

Have been passing by the this restaurant/bar the last couple of weeks and it intrigues me. It has gotten mixed reviews, but mostly good. Has anyone ever been and what do you think of it? What are the prices like, as I can't find a menu on-line. TIA

Safari Room
15426 Devonshire St, Mission Hills, CA 91345

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  1. Here is their website, which doesn't seem to function with Firefox:


    1. Very old school.....steak, prime rib, etc. Really not intriguing once you've been. Meh.

      1. If you're expecting Safari kitsch, you'll be disappointed. Old school steakhouse, not much atmosphere to live up to the promise of the sign, not much to recommend it. Competent, but not exciting.

        1. Good spot for locals to get tanked at the bar (to the left), very blue collar (no offence meant) clientele with much chitchat with tough-but-friendly female bartenders who are somebody's mothers. Restaurant seating to the right and back, reminds me of Billingsleys in West L.A. but even more subdued. Seems like a great place for mid-day covert adulterous behavior, if one is so inclined to that kinda thing. Or just get a gimlet and order/eat some surf-and-turf at the bar...

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            silence9---that is hilarious but sooo true!

          2. I work close by and go there about once a month. They have a surprisingly good gyro and petit filet. They do a great lamb stew on St. Paddy's day. The restuarant is cheesy...but for a blt and bowl of navy bean soup...they are pretty good.