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Mar 31, 2011 07:05 PM

Best ballparks for food

There's a fun slide show of the 61 best ballpark foods throughout the country:

Represented are notables like Primanti Bros. Most enticing to me was the banh mi dog which is erroneously identified as having "Indian" flavors, but the ingredients are classic banh mi.

Go Giants!

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  1. I like eating Maryland Crab Cakes at Camden Yards (Fenway South) when the Sox clobber the Orioles!!

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    1. re: breadfan

      It's funny, but once you take the Sox fans and put them on the road (especially at Camden, where they have easy access to tix), they become the most ill-mannered fans this side of Philly. I'm can't imagine it's because of the copious amounts of beer they drink while visiting these other stadiums. Yet when you go to a game at Fenway, they are some of the nicest fans. FTR, I am a Met fan.
      Anyway, I liked Coors Field for food, especially their pulled pork nachos and that they have a microbrewery right in the stadium. I also like the fish tacos at Anheim and in SD.

      1. re: imhungryletseat

        I take my children, who are 3 and 6, and my wife while we visit my sister who lives in Virginia. I must not go to the games you do because I have not witnessed any behavior from any fans that is any different from other ballparks. It is too bad that you must generalize a large segment of baseball fans for your amusement.

        1. re: imhungryletseat

          Mets fans are the WORST behaved fans in ALL of baseball. Maybe it's because they play in the shadow of the Yankees;)

      2. I like the sausages they sell outside of Fenway Park, alot. The street vendors rock.

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        1. re: pinehurst

          The food is much better outside Fenway than in !!

          1. re: breadfan

            True! The food in the park is despicable.

            Those in the know bring theirs in.

        2. Citizen's Bank Park in Philly receives a lot of awards and, oddly, has been judged the most vegetarian friendly ball park. My favorite spot is Harry the K's, where you can eat, drink and watch BP. And there are numerous spots along Ashburn Alley for steak sandwiches, pulled pork, etc. And Greg Luzinski's "Bull's BBQ" is pretty popular as well.

          And imhungry--the Philly fans are really no worse than any other town's. I've been to hundreds of games in my life and can remember only one incident (and that was between Phils fans, not directed at other fans). Every city has a few morons--witness what happened in LA yesterday.

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          1. re: gaffk

            gaffk i've been to most ballparks in the us and LA was the only one i felt unsafe. But Philly gets the bad rap. As far as the food goes nothing like starting the game at Bulls Bbq and topping it off throughout the evening with a coupla hot dogs ( love the fact they're served on potato buns.

            1. re: FISHINC

              So that's why hot dogs taste better in Philly . . . I always thought it was the option to add onions ;) Wonder if I can get tix to the next dollar dog day?

          2. I've never had it but Safeco Field, home of the Mariners, has a sushi joint that features an IchiRoll. (For those who don't follow teams who are in the basement, one of the M's long time superstars is Ichiro Suzuki.)

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            1. re: Erika L

              On the club level at ATT Park there is a Sushi "bar" no seats-just walk away- named Mashi's after Masanori Murakami. They have a short menu of standard rolls and nigiri-the fish tastes fresh and the service is very friendly.

            2. I love the Cha Cha Bowl at AT&T in SF. The food on the club level is also quite good. They make an exceptional strawberry shortcake.

              It's a different story entirely at the Coliseum in Oakland. The only concession stand that is worthwhile is the Kinder's Ball Tip sandwich. It is excellent. Barring that, your next best bet is to eat in the restaurant in the West Side Club. It's nothing gourmet but much better than pretty much everything else in the stadium and is reasonably priced especially at a stadium. It overlooks the field so it can be fun to eat and watch the teams take bp.