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Jan 19, 2006 12:07 PM

Fried clams

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Anyone know of a place in the LA area where you can get authentic, full-belly fried clams -- like the ones you can get everywhere in New England and at certain chain restaurants like Legal Seafood (only on East Coast)??

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    1. Occasionally this will be a special at the Original Fish Company in Los Alamitos. I can vouch for them-- they're whole-belly fried clams all right (Even better than Vel's IMHO!). For the record, just about all of their seafood offerings are very good indeed:

      The Original Fish Company and Fresh Fish Market
      11061 Los Alamitos Blvd.
      Los Al 90720
      562 594-4553


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      1. re: rjw_lgb_ca

        HOLY COW!!! This place has been on my list forever!!

        I just called them to check if this tale is TRUE and it is... they even have Ispswich Clams today... this is right near my house too... I'm going to have one happy BF soon! :)

        The hostess was VERY nice. She said she didn't know how long they would have the clams (They could get very busy and run out) but she said they do have them rather regularly and to just call before dropping by...



        1. re: Dommy!

          They have very nice hostesses there-- especially Johnni (one of the senior-level staff, I assume).

          I love that place. I appreciate that they will only serve whatever they can get "fresh". The servers are also uniformly frank and honest about what they think is good the day you go-- and they tend to know a lot about the day's specials. The atmosphere is "family restaurant", but it has a full bar and the food is great.

          1. re: Dommy!

            I know this is an old thread but, Dommy, did you ever try this place for fried clams? I just called and they said they have them on their specials sheet for $12.95 for what she estimated was 5 ounces. Not close by, but next time I go toward Disneyland maybe!

            1. re: deanalt

              Yes, Dommy and I did. I was the original responder to the OP. It was a Step above McClean's and might be good if you are in the hood but not worth a long trek

              Here is Our Post about it

              Take Care

              - P.

              1. re: deanalt

                Yes... we did...


                The clams were good, a bit small, but bellies... Their sauces however were pretty darn VILE...

                But the Chowder and the sour dough there is AMAZING... I highly recommend a visit next time you are in the area...


                1. re: Dommy

                  Dommy! Honey. We got to stop meeting Like this ........


              2. re: Dommy!

                No Way!!! Get Out!! *Shove* You've got to tell us how it is!!!! Too far from me, I have to wait for Deanalt's post re: Hermosa beach place FFFF!

                PLEASE let me know, I don't want to have to go somewhere mediocre - you & Matt. know what that's like ;)!!

                1. re: Phurstluv

                  Don't feel dumb Phurstluv, it was an old thread but I re-entered it just today, so I may have given it new life, I hope! That said, I'm really confused. I replied in the middle of the Part 3 thread and, later, could not find my post but just stumbled on it here. Ditto for a response I saw from you on Part 4 yesterday that talked about Revere (Reve-aa) but soon dissappeared from that thread. I'm guessing that, if you try to reply to a post in the middle of a thread, it soon moves it somewhere slightly off-line. Perhaps you veterans can tell me how this works.

                  And that is why Matt and Dommy didn't need to reference the original thread above. It was in that thread that I first noticed the Original Fish company and tried to give it new life, yet it ended up here. Srange happenings.

                2. re: Dommy!

                  Okay, now I feel dumb - old, old post!!!

                3. re: rjw_lgb_ca

                  Wow!, Thanks. The menu looks great including the kids menu. Do you have any comment on the New York Steak? Also, Should it be lunch or dinner for the first timer? Thanks again.

                  The Original Fish Company and Fresh Fish Market (Sea food, Deep Fried Clams, Chowder, Filet Mignon, New York Steak, kids menu – Fish, Burgers, Chicken fingers)
                  11061 Los Alamitos Blvd.
                  Los Al 90720
                  (562) 594-4553
                  From the 605 take Katella East to Los Alamitos Blvd. Then go South


                  1. re: Like-Go-Eat?

                    I am a bit ashamed to say I've never had anything there other than the seafood, so I'm not sure how they do meat dishes. The chefs are quite skilled with seafood, which I consider to be harder to prepare well, so....

                    I don't think it matters whether the first time is lunch or dinner. I can tell you-- go hungry. The soup or salad served with entrées is quite substantial.

                    By the way, the Original serves wonderful clam chowder-- both New England- and Manhattan-style. The only place I've found that does it better (and just barely-- it's completely a matter of personal taste) is Lasher's in Long Beach.

                    The Original also alternates cream of asparagus soup and cream of roasted red pepper soup as dinner soup specials-- both are sublime.

                4. Long John Silver's in Rowland Heights??

                  Yes, it's a lame answer I know, but I do crave LJS every once in a while!

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                  1. re: JL

                    The particular Long John Silver’s that you mention is good. The grease is always fresh and the staff is fast and friendly. My wife and I just ate there several nights ago as we have for the last ten years. Even after the new ownership (years ago now) the food quility has stayed high. The fish and chips are always good and I always order the extra 3 oz. of Deep fried clams to go with the fish. The seasonings on the clams remind me of Kelly’s in Boston. Not full-belly fried clams. More like bits but still good to eat. I would like to buy that fried fish and make fish tacos sometime. Long Juan Silver?

                    Long John Silver’s
                    17901 E Colima Road
                    City Of Industry, CA 91748

                  2. JAR has excellent fried clams. Better than Boston's Legal Seafood, Oyster House or HoJo.

                    1. Jar!
                      They are true in every sense - you must try them - on Beverly Blvd.