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Mar 31, 2011 05:45 PM

3 Days in London

I am heading to London on my way to visit my son who is, and I say this with a chuckle, studying abroad in Prague. We have 3 days in London and I am looking for some suggestions for dinner and afternoon tea. My wife and teenage daughter are coming along and are foodies as well. We will be there mid-April just before the big wedding!
Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. Where are you staying please, and are you here for a Sunday? Also, you don't mention lunch, but if you have an idea of which sights you might visit then I expect you'll receive some advice.

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    1. re: Robin Joy

      Thanks for your response Robin. We are staying at the Grafton and will be in town Thursday morning through Saturday night; leaving early Sunday for Prague. The reason I did not mention lunch is that I am sure we will be touring and did not want to spend alot of time on lunch. Thought that would be moere on the fly but if you have any thoughts, they are much appreciated. I believemy days are roughed out as follows and certainly subject to change:
      Day 1:
      Buckingham palace
      Big ben
      London Eye(?)
      Day 2:
      Tower of London
      St Paul's Cathedral
      Tate Modern Mkt
      Westmisnter Abbey
      Victoria and Albert Museum
      Harrads (for the girls)
      Somewhere in there I need to fit in an afternoon tea ( I hear the Berkley is nice) and a tour at the British Museum.
      Nights in Picadilly Circus, Covent garden and Camden Town
      This is all from a little reading but I have not received any personal advice from friends as none have been to London.
      Thanks for your help and advice.

      Tate Modern
      Bankside, London SE1 9TG, GB

      1. re: GaryNack

        Good starter plan. Day 1 is a pretty easy look-see, but I guess you will be straight off a plane. 2 & 3 sound more involved (e.g. Tower = 2 hours for a quick look), but they're all good to see, so do your best!

        Getting late here, so recs. tomorrow.

        1. re: GaryNack

          Just a word about afternoon teas here. They are huge and you might want a very late dinner or no dinner after you indulge with the tea experience. :-)

          1. re: GaryNack

            3 varied dinner suggestions: Sheekey's (fish), Corrigan's (British) and Amaya (modern Indian). Amaya is the furthest at about 20 minutes in a taxi.




            Harrods will give you a proper tea and also has many good lunching places in the (astonishing) Food Halls. On a Saturday, however, it will be even more of a zoo than usual.

            1. re: Robin Joy

              Just wanted to say thank you for the help. We will be sure to check out your suggestions.

              1. re: GaryNack

                Pleasure. Very similar visitor requests appear here all the time, which may be why you didn't exactly get a flood of replies! Check back a bit, as almost all the recs. in the last 6 months will still hold.

                Let us know how it goes!