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Mar 31, 2011 04:09 PM


I can't believe no one has brought this up yet. Just over a week away and still adding restaurants, this event is out of control. What looks good this year?

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  1. Very glad they got the website issues fixed and pushed the event back. I have several reservations and am looking forward to it.

    Gonna try Cipollina for the first time.
    Also returning to El Arbol which was one of my favorites last time.

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    1. re: amykragan

      I was thinking about El Arbol, but the pricing does not seem right. If you add the cost (as the portions seem to be half of what they show on their regular menu) it does not get to $35 ( Well, if you add the sides maybe.

      I really like El Arbol, from my single experience there, but it might make more sense to go on a non-restaurant week (that might not be as busy) and just order directly from the menu.

      I did not want to spoil the party but just one thing to take into account.

      1. re: fduran

        I"m going strictly for the beef heart which is on the regular menu. It's also 1/2 priced bottle of wine night (regular feature). So you're right that you could go anytime for this one. Just got my palate focused on the beef heart.

        Also going to try Olivia, Braise, Jeffrey's and Cipollina.

        1. re: amykragan

          Go early then. Last time i went on a Friday night at 9pm they were out of the beef heart. Truly the main reason i went

          1. re: mkfoodie

            The other good thing of going early is the great happy hour they have. I did not try the anticucho but the octopus we tried was really good, we order two that time.

    2. Thanks for posting this, it somehow escaped me. My wife and I have 6 reservations now and we're really excited.

      1. Went to the driskill tonight. the watermelon salad was the favorite app. I thought the rabbit confit was a bit on the dry side.

        the wagyu flat iron was the best dish of the night and was fantastic! I've never been a fan of flat iron but after tonight I might have to change my mind... The fried quail was ok, but not even close to the beef.

        for desert the chocolate dome was the clear favorite over the strawberry parade. Overall an enjoyable meal.

        1. So far, I've hit Parkside and III Forks. At Parkside, I had the lamb gnocchi app, bass main, and frozen lemon souffle. At III Forks, I had the wedge, the bacon-wrapped filet, and the chocolate ganache cake. The duchess potatoes served with the filet at III Forks were staggeringly salty (and I'm a huge salt fan), but otherwise, everything I ate at both meals was excellent.

          1. Monday night we ate at Uchi. She started with the carrpacio, I started with the three nigiri. For mains, she had the Walu Walu and I had the Hamachi Nabe.

            This was our first time at Uchi, but certainly won't be our last. We came in with very high expectations from everything we had heard and read and those expectations were met on every point. Our waitress was phenomenal, and I reflected that in my tip.

            The food was very simple and very complex at the same time, and pretty much every aspect of it was perfect.

            As to how our apps and mains were. The apps were great. Again, simple flavors with little tiny extras and surprises, each element perfectly done. In the end we were most impressed with the sushi rice for the nigiri.

            For the mains, my nabe was the ultimate in comfort food, I likened it to a Japanese Risotto. My wife's Walu Walu (which is grilled escolar in a light yuzu broth with some tiny greens and a fried garlic chip), was so well prepared. The edges were just 'almost' chewy, but as you bit into them they crumbled, giving way to the slightly firm texture just below the surface, then all just buttery, soft goodness in the middle.

            My wife finished with the Lemon Gilato and I finished with the Peanut Butter Semi-Freddo. My remark about the semi-freddo at the time, "There's more things going on in my dessert, than in most people's five course meals."

            Tonight we're eating at Austin Land & Cattle Company, where our expectations are not nearly so high, but we're hopeful of getting a pretty good steak.

            Uchi Restaurant
            801 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704