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Mar 31, 2011 03:20 PM

Calling all Southern NH yocal foodies

Living in Merrimack leaves little to be desired for interesting food, outside of Buckleys (yes, I like El Tapetio, Surf, Lucias Tavelo, Cucina Toscana,). Nashua offers a few spots..but dont bother with chains really anymore.

What I am looking for is recommendations from you guys for Concord NH.

Seems the last time I really ventured up there was 10 years ago on a Sunday night, and without really having a destination, seemed downtown rolled up the sidewalks at 8pm. Ended up at some bar eating nachos

Now Ive heard a few murmurings since obviously, and want to know what you drive there to and for for weekend dinner.

Nice eclectic places. Thinking along the line of what Buckley offers..or maybe your own hidden gem...some seafood places, sushi, italian, etc..there's a few on here that I respect their opinions, so hoping for help as dont usually head that far north without some sort of information/opinion

Thanks in advance

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  1. LOL, well, there's the hot dog lady who operates a cart on Main Street in good weather...

    We live in Manchester, NH's dining mecca (jk) and don't get up to Concord that much, but when we have trekked the mighty distance, we've liked Sunny's Table for Korean/Asian/Western fusion, Granite restaurant in the Centennial Inn for fine dining (brunch included former Supreme David Souter at the next table), and some above average Mexican at Hermano's (though the service is very slow and the tile floor and metal chairs evoke a food court). Moritomo offers good sushi, though the room is dreary (if you want privacy, get a tatami room). Others will have to chime in on Sunshine Oriental, which serves dim sum, and is on our calendar for a visit. Can't understand why a town with so many rich people has such limited options.

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      I think whs covered most of the Concord bases. I will add Angelina's for good Italian, right downtown on Depot St. They often get booked solid on the big dining nights so be sure to reserve ahead.

      I don't share the enthusiasm of some for Hermano's (Mexican), although I wouldn't say the food is actually bad or anything - just overpriced for what it is. Locals are raving about Sunshine Oriental, and you can include me among them. Not great for atmosphere, but outstanding food.

      If you are ever in the need to celebrate something with large lobsters (4 lbs and way, way up), I consider Makris Lobster House to be the go-to place, above Newick's, Weathervane, etc., and including your Lobster Boat in Merrimack. Big menu of all the traditional NE seafood offerings too. It bothers me that the other places supposedly specializing in lobster rarely have anything above 2 lbs, and Makris always has the big boys.

    2. Sunny's Table is very good option. I've enjoyed my meal every time I've been there.

      My parents recently went to O Steaks and Seafood and said they thought it was quite good. Only hearsay.