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Mar 31, 2011 03:16 PM

Zepter cookware: why?

I was gifted a Zepter pan by my in-laws who are health conscious -- this line is supposed to enable one to cook without fat or water (really, why?)

Here's a link to the product:

I was excited at first because I am steak-cooking challenged... and my in-laws touted it as being good for meat.

I read and followed the directions.... But all the happened was that my steak stuck to the bottom... and overcooked. I tried to use the pan once or twice more, but again I had oddly cooked food and a Very Hard to Clean pan -- so I have given up.

Anyway, If anyone has any experience and know-how with this line, please do share -- I hate to wasted a piece of cookware.


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  1. Hi, sharmila:

    I doubt you are doing anything wrong. Cooking a steak in a thin SS pan without fat is a recipe for disaster.

    I'm mystified how (and why) anyone c/would recommend the Zepter line for "fatless"ly cooking a steak. It sounds as unlikely as flame-charring with induction.

    Do your inlaws like you?


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      "Do your inlaws like you?"

      hahahahahaha... Sorry, I just spit water all over my keyboard.. eek!

    2. I don't have what you have, but it looks like a glorified stainless steel pan.

      Follow the instructions in these videos and see if they help. starts at 2:55

      I'd suggest trying with at least some oil to begin with. Once you're comfortable with that, gradually reduce the amount used and adjust the temperature settings. It looks like you may need an even hotter pan than regular pan frying with oil.

      Good luck.

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      1. re: cutipie721

        To prepare meat you don't need to use oil because zepter technology allows meat to be cooked in its own fat. Please follow the instruction:
        1. Put dry pan on the burner (medium heat), cover with a lid and wait approximately 10 min till the arrow on the thermocontroller reaches place between yellow and green field.
        2. Add few drops of water and if you see them "dancing like pearls " it's a sign that you should start cooking. To fry meat you should not use a lid.
        3. The meat should not be wet. Put it on the pan and press it few times with a fork.
        4. Wait 1-3 min and try to overturn the meat on other side, if it's not easy --STOP! wait another minute and try again.
        5. Then fry as usual. We recomend you to don't use salt because meat is salty enough and it will allows you to feel the taste of real meat.
        You can follow us!/pages/Zept... and ask questions in real time

        1. re: zepter

          Wow. You think we are too stupid to recognize commercial cut-and-paste hype?

          1. re: eliz553

            I know, right.

            Dear Zepter, I did follow the instructions that came with the pan... I believe as per the website. However, I believe I read that I should use a lid.
            I will give this pan one more try without a lid and see what results,,,,

          2. re: zepter

            Hi, zepter:

            Why don't you explain what "zepter technology" is?

            As far as I can tell from your website, your pans are just SS with encapsulated aluminum disk bottoms, i.e., simple clad. The only thing I can see distinguishes them is the cheap temperature indicator in the lids.


            1. re: kaleokahu

              Yeah I looked at the website, impressive graphs! Made up, no verification. OMG. Looks like a scam to get the elder type crowd to pay more and get less. When was the last time you any pot/pan collection that had That many parts?!?

            2. re: zepter

              10 MINUTES on medium heat to preheat a dry pan?

              Are you cooking over a lighter or a tea-light?

          3. Let me just put objectively put this out there if it is not obvious already. "zepter" attempt to boost zepter cookware completely miss the mark -- it completely backfired. Now, less people will buy this cookware because of the exchange here.

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            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

              I have to reply to this and I'm an individual who does not work for Zepter, however I've never been a good cook but I've managed to fry a nice juicy steak without burning in the Quadra by Zepter. No oil, no fat, 30 seconds on one side, 30 seconds on the other side, left it another minute and turned the heat OFF.. Yes, Off... and 8 minutes later the steak was nice, juicy, didn't stick...oh and tender too. There are a lot of celebrity chefs out there with their name all over cookware but do you really know what you are getting? I'd rather put my money into what I know. On one side, it's a lot of money for me to be able to afford, but after getting I actually enjoy cooking a bit and like eating even more wasted money on junk food and I'm getting healthier at the same time. Well done Zepter!

            2. The original comment has been removed