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i keep reading on mr.gold's food reviews about this place having the best pad thai. is it really that good there? where can i find the BEST pad thai.

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  1. I am a big fan of JG but I don't agree with him on this. I only went there once but my friend and I were disappointed in both the pad thai and the pad kee mow- both of which I like better at Sanamluang Cafe in Thai Town.

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      Steve Doggie-Dogg

      That depends on how you define Pad Thai. It's as generic and flexible a dish as you can get in Thai food. Its name literally means "Thai food". If you like it bright orange and sweet, you aren't going to like authentic Thai style Pad Thai, which is lighter colored, plainer and has more of a fish sauce taste. Krua Thai makes a very fancy "California style" Pad Thai. It has lots of meat, it's very flavorful and a little bit sweet, and they give you a lot for your money.

      See ya

      Link: http://www.swingingdoor.com/

      1. I think Krua Thai in N. Hollywood is one of the best Thai restaurants in the greater L.A. area, (haven't tried the W. Covena store). They have 2 versions of pad Thai, the regular blander gringo version and Pad Thai Krua Thai, a special version that is more flavorfull. As with all local Thai restaurants I try to communicate my desire for full-flavored sweet, sour, salty and HOT when appropriate. This is often difficult for a non-Thai but the rewards are sometimes worth it! A side note, if you like the bird chilis in fish sauce and sometimes lime juice, it's not on the table at Krua Thai as it is in a lot of places, you must ask for it.

        Other dishes that I really enjoyed are the green papaya salad with blue-crabs and fish with 4-flavors. Pad kee mao was ok, a comforting noodle dish, but not great. Also the fresh fruit smoothies, I like the coconut, are a nice change fron the Thai iced-tea that I make in gallon batches at home!

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          Apparently I got the wrong pad thai. I'll have to go back to try the Krua Thai Pad Thai.
          My major complaint though for both noodle dishes was actually texture. The noodles were kind of limp and lifeless in contrast to the Sanamluang ones which tend to have this great "wok hay" on their noodles.

        2. I love Krua Thai but you need to get Pad Thai Krua Thai, not the regular Pad Thai. If you want to try Sanamluang's version as another poster said, there's a Sanamluang Cafe one block west of Krua Thai on Sherman Way.

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            I thought it was good, not great. Agree with Steve Doggie-Dogg...there are so many ways to do pad thai & so many personal preferences. I for example, like mine a teeny bit more on the dry side. I did like the spicy tartness of its Krua Thai Pad Thai, but thought the dish was a bit too saucy. I prefer Swan Thai's (located up the street) version much more.

            Their Pad Kee Mao was really good the first time I went, not as good the second time.

            Link: http://dailygluttony.blogspot.com/200...

            1. My hub went to Cholada Thai on PCH and thought it was great - pad thai was good. Any opinions on Cholada? I would like to try it but it is out of our way to get to.

              1. Agreed that you need to order the Pad Thai Krua Thai. I've never gone wrong at this place... My other favorite there is the stewed pork hock over rice.

                1. thanks!! i'll definately try the krua thai pad thai.. now is the one in noho better than west co.?

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                    Never been to the one in West Covina (is that even LA County?! just kidding.) but if you go to the one in NoHo and you decide you don't like it, there's six or seven other great Thai restaurants within walking distance. :)

                  2. Sweet blue mamma jamma. I write this with full stomach after my first ever trip to Krua Thai (in NoHo). My friends and I ordered the pad see ew, the general's noodles (dry) and the pad thai Krua Thai. We couldn't have been happier. I've eaten a damn lot of pad thai in many cities in several countries, and these were certainly some of the best I've had the privilege to taste. Sure they might not be quite as street-authentic as other places, but in terms of a great flavor combination and a completely lovely mouthful of food, you'd be hard pressed to find better. I've had some SERIOUSLY bland pad thai from other LA establishments (I'm looking at you, Anjak!) and this stuff is just a joy to consume. The pad see ew was also very tasty and comforting in that lovely wide-noodle kind of way and the general's needles were like a food party in a bowl. I invited it to my mouth. It was awesome. Some people I've read reviews from took issue with the decor (these people are lame) and the ambience/noise level. These people need to learn the value of carry-out because no one wants sourpusses in a perfectly sweet restaurant. I'm going back here over and over until I do something embarrassing and they say I can't come back anymore.

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                      Actually the Pad Thai at Krua Thai is very simular to Sanamluang because the owner of Sanamluang Hollywood is the owner of Krua Thai. The partners broke up. Actually, the Krua Thai Pad Thai is very simular to Sanamluang Pad Thai (the one without all the fish sauce). They used to be the same owners until the owners split up. One partner opened the NoHo location and the other partner kept the Hollywood Sanamluang. They had an agreement that they would not open any Thai restaurants within 7 miles of each other to compete. I heard the Hollywood owner had his wife open Krua Thai. After I heard that I never went back to Krua Thai. I don't believe in dirty pool.

                    2. i really like the fried noodles at krua thai. they're really good. but what i really can't stand at that place is the attitude of the waitstaff. they're so grumpy and give dirty looks to their patrons all the time. it's funny too that i've recently found out that a lot of our family friends feel the same way- everyone likes the fried noodles and other stuff, but the grumpy service just makes you want to go elsewhere. now mind you we are not high maintenance customers- we mainly eat at the various thai eateries in noho and hwood- we don't expect super attentive service. we just don't a dirty look when we ask for a water refill.

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                        I've eaten there dozens and dozens of times over the years, and I've never experienced that. The only service issue I recall, is a lag in receiving the bill. I have food allergies (shellfish!) so depending on the server, and how busy the place is, I have felt comfortable in ordering the house special pad thai, without shrimp, and without the tiny, dried shrimp either. I know it's not as good as it could be, but until I figure out a way to rewire my immune system...

                        I know I've written about Krua Thai in the past, but my other favorites there are the crispy pork, with Chinese broccoli, and the tom gha kai soup. (Sorry, not sure about the spelling on the last one, its the cocoanut soup, with lemongrass, and chicken, and chili oil. Love.)

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                          I feel Krua Thai's special version of Pad Thai is one of the best just if your craving other dishes and are in the area I would definately stroll over to SWAN THAI OR SUNSHINE THAI first, those are my 2 favorites-both on Sherman Way ;>)

                      2. It's great that they're open so late, but the pad thai is just okay IMO, and the clams I had on a recent visit were the large, tough, overcooked kind.