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Mar 31, 2011 01:56 PM

Aberystwyth - birthday dinner?

As it happens my husband and I will arrive in Aber (the university of Wales) on my birthday, in about a month. There is nothing on Chowhound about this mid-Wales location. Any hint where to eat a slightly special dinner (not expecting Taillevent). We won't have a car and I don't know if taxis are easily gotten. (New Yorkers here.) Any kind of food suggestions welcome. Even a nice pub as long as it is not noisy — which might be hard given the student population of the town. (This is an advanced age birthday.)

If there is some famous eating experience that I have yet to ferret out on-line that requires a drive/r, we might do it, but not if it is a more than a 20-30 minutes drive.


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  1. I checked the Good Food Guide but didn't come up with much. In Aberytstwyth itself there's a place called Ultracomida - modern European. A drive to the north (there should be taxis) to Eglwysfach and there's Ynyshir Hall, which sounds like a lovely place and it gets good ratings for food.

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      Thank you much. There is also Gwesty Cymru -- which is on the sea in town and has a small appealing menu. Plus a note, I think, that they send their overflow bookings to Eglwysfach--which is "worth the taxi". I'll check out Ynyshir Hall. So due diligence done. Appreciate these other suggestions -- we're there for three days.

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        Hi Elizabeth, don't know the area well, but the quaint town of Aberaeron is about a 30 min drive south and I'm sure I've seen some good write-ups of places round there. Try googling...and try looking on the guardian newspaper website..sorry I can't hunt them out for you but at work at the mo x Good luck

    2. Aberystwyth is not a well-known foodie destination I'm afraid. However, some the local produce is truly great, particularly Cenarth cheese (Caws) from the southern end of the county, as well as fresh seafood and the increasingly rare sewin. If anyone offers you laverbread, it is seaweed which is generally served fried with bacon for breakfast - I urge you to try it.

      I am planning a trip to the area myself next month and have booked for dinner at The Harbourmaster in Aberaeron which has a great reputation. The town in itself is very pretty set around a harbour and a taxi there from Aberystwyth. (But why oh why do local hoteliers insist on a two-night minimum stay?)

      I am completely biased I admit coming from a Cardi family, and can give you some more recommendations further south towards Cardigan / Newport (Pembs) if useful?