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Cantina Feliz Cooking Class

I'm going! Anyone else interested? My daughter won't go because she is skeeved out by a "baby pig" -- must be something I did wrong when I raised her. Anyway, here's the notice from the Cantina Feliz Newsletter. I'm very excited!!!!

One of our specialties is the Cochinito -- a whole roasted suckling pig carved tableside. We have received such a great response that we have decided to create a class to teach all of our aspiring home cooks the secrets to making this in their own kitchens. In addition to the suckling pig, we will be teaching the art of making guacamole, salsas, refried beans and elotes loco (grilled corn). The class includes eating the amazing food that you have prepared. The class will be held on Saturday, April 16 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. $40 for class and lunch. Registration necessary. To register, please call 215/646-1320.

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      I am totally jealous! I have to work.

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        Maybe we will end up with a table of chowzers!

      2. Oh my, that sounds fabulous! If I did not already have plans that day I would definitely go! Have fun!

        1. I can't make it either (school) but I hope they offer this again (Sunday plz), because I would LOVE to participate in this!

          1. I'm out of town that weekend but would have LOVED to do this. How cool! Please report how it goes.

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              Had dinner there last night. Spoke to Brian Sirhal (owner) said that there were
              only two spots open for the cooking class but he thinks they will offer it again
              since they got such a great response..
              Had one special beef tongue taco and the new to the menu squash blossom
              enchilada Both were delicious.

            2. Please keep us posted if they offer this again, I would love to do the cooking class!

              1. This sounds amazing, hopefully they will do it again in the future! I'm wondering, do margaritas come with lunch? ;)

                1. UPDATE: The class was yesterday, and we had a wonderful time! It was a damp and awful day, but we were greeted warmly inside by chef Tim Spinner and Owner Brian Sirhal, and coffee was set out to warm us up. We were all seated in a dining room off the bar at large round tables of 6, but we did not stay there long. After a description of the whole roast pig experience, Chef Spinner lead us down to the kitchen, where he took us on a tour that included fetching our guest of honor from the walk-in.

                  He's a very personable guy who relates to his audience as friend would relate to a bunch of other fiends hanging out in his kitchen. Even though he was using resto equipment, he translated everything into home kitchenese, giving us tips on what we could use at home. While in the kitchen, he went through the steps of brining the pig, marinating it, then prepping it for roasting. Everyone was welcome to take closer looks, ask questions and take pictures. He also showed the class how to make refried beans (starting with the dry beans), and the wonderful Mexican street corn, called Elotes Loco.

                  After our session in the kitchen, be trooped back upstairs to fresh coffee and a guacamole demonstration. Those who wanted to try their hand at making a batch of guac were welcome to do so, with everyone else welcome to take the various versions. During the demo, owner/manager Brian gave some insights into running the restaurant and answered questions. The GRANDE FINALE (yes, in caps, on purpose) was the presentation of our pig. Well, it wasn't exactly "our" pig, but rather one that Chef Spinner had prepped earlier in the week and had started roasted at 5 that morning. Each table got plates of the cochinita, along with freshly made tortillas, salsa verde, the remains of our guac, refried beans, and elotes loco. We were welcome to order beer or margaritas. I had one of the latter, which was made with freshly squeezed lime juice – what a difference that fresh juice makes! We ate and ate and ate, then packed up take-home containers with the remains.

                  It was an outstanding experience! My DH, who is not a cook, felt bad that the other people I had wanted to come with me were not available, so he came instead. He was certainly glad that he did! I don’t know if we are ready to cook a pig, but we are talking about getting a turkey and using the same brine/marinade to prep it. We met some wonderful people at out table, came away with a stack of recipes and had a truly exceptional time. It was probably the best miserable, cold, rainy Saturday I have ever had!!

                  BTW, I just got their newsletter, and it looks like they will be doing a BIG pig for Cinco De Mayo.

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                    Thank you for that report PC!! I really hope they have another cooking class soon. I really would have enjoyed this one.

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                      And I do not think the price was bad at all. It was $40@, which included the class, the meal and (I think) the drink. They added an 18% gratuity to the check, so for 2 of us it was $96 and change.

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                      Good recap. I was there as well and was going to ask if there were any other Chowhounds there but forgot.

                      I'm probably going to use the brine and marinade on pork shoulder to give it a try.