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Mar 31, 2011 12:19 PM

MLK restaurants / Plate of Nations

Anyone have any experience / reviews of the restaurants in this promotion? They all seem to be on the Rainier Valley stretch of MLK:

I've only tried Karama (Somali food) and Venus (Dim Sum). I quite liked Karama, but was only luke-warm on Venus.

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  1. I'd add another thumbs up for Karama, as well as agree about being luke warm on Venus. Joy palace has extremely passable dim sum (this is about as nice as I get about dim sum) though. Tony's and Q are both mighty fine bahn mi, though I'm not sure about their other stuff. Thai Palms I've only had the stuff on the Lao menu, but I would definitely return.

    Thai Palms
    6715 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Seattle, WA

    1. Hmmm. Huarachitos is a fairly good taqueria with D.F.-style specials and beer and liquor too. They used to offer tacos al pastor on the spit on weekends but that did not last for too long. I like how one can order carnitas a la carte specifying the pig part you want, which is a very authentic touch, FWIW. We go here occaisionally when we want some chips and table service instead of get take-out from a taco truck, and they have a patio for nice weather.

      I was really excited about Thai Palms when it first opened because of its faithfully Lao menu which was offered as a seperate sheet. I loved the jaew and the housemade sausage; I have posted about this before if you search. As time went on, it seemed Thai Palms had issues with item availability and menu changes, and trusted sources reported that it went way downhill. I haven't been for a year or so, and I am due back.

      Joy Palace is a very pedestrian dim sum, cheap, and baseline in quality without the selection of say, Jade Garden or Harbor City.

      Karama replaced Salima, which was my favorite MLK restaurant, offering Cham cuisine, a fascinating cross of Malaysian and Vietnamese flavors under Halal strictures. I could not bear to visit its successor. Perhaps "Olympic Express Halal Asian Cuisine" offers Cham fare. One can dream.

      Seattle, WA, Seattle, WA

      Thai Palms
      6715 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Seattle, WA

      Jade Garden Restaurant
      7th S King S, Seattle, WA 98101

      Joy Palace
      6030 Martin Luther King Jr Way S, Seattle, WA 98118

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        I'll definitely have to check out Huarachitos. 3 decades near the Sonoran border have left me with both a powerful jones and difficult standards for good Mexican food. I've been (slowly) building up a nice roster of Mexican places here in Seattle.