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Soups using oranges/orange juice?

In my defense, the leftover juices were frozen in dark blue transparent plastic bottles (original style Propel fitness water). I was making Cabbage Soup with Sausage and Apple. Everything else was already bubbling away when I poured the defrosted apple cider into it, realizing too late that it was actually orange juice. Surprisingly, it was not awful. It didn't need the final splash of balsamic vinegar and I wouldn't make it again (hope not, anyway) but it's certainly edible.

This got me wondering about the potential for orange juice in savory soups. Searching got me nowhere since "orange" brings up squash and "citrus", lemon - I know, avgolemono is well-known.
My instinct is that orange juice might work in tomato-based fish/seafood chowder, and maybe with chicken soup of some sort. I think I recall orange rind in a cioppino I once ate. Has anyone had a savory soup featuring orange juice?

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  1. I've really enjoyed both tomato soup and gazpacho made with oj, as well as a carrot/fennel/orange soup. And I think it would work beautifully in a shrimp/scallop preparation. And I like orange with chicken, too: and you could use it in borscht - untraditional, but good.

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      I still remember a great tomato-oange soup at the Bay Wolf approximately a lifetime ago. It was delicious.

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        Oh for Pete's........Bay Wolf is where I had it, girlfriend. Gawd that was good.

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          Get out! Loved that place, super restaurant for brunch. Last there in 1998? Is it still around?
          This looks fairly much like it - and uses 3 cups of orange juice -

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            It is still there and they still turn out awesome food every single night of the week. They even have a recipe section on their home page and they WILL honor requests if you e-mail them. Nice.

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              Good to know, must go next trip. !!!

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        mamachef, how do you use the orange juice in your borscht? This sounds like something I'd love to try! (That carrot/fennel/orange combination sounds wonderful as well - definitely going into the Soup-Thinking-Cap.)

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          Cayjohan, I dumped a cup in in desperation one night when I was making a pot of borscht. It was a Russian-themed dinner, so of course we'd knocked back the requisite shots, and while we were making merry, I merrily let too much stock boil away from the soup. I had no other liquid in the house except pepsi and kvas; no stock, nothing but water and I didn't want to use the water - or the wine, since kidlets were being served too. So I added the juice, and purely by mistake it was great with the beets and beef and tomatoes and cabbage and onions and everything else. I've since done it on purpose.

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            Harvard beets have OJ in them, no? Sounds great.

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              Yep, they surely do! It's kinda where I was going with it when I grabbed the juice.
              The following year, I had wonderful ideas about making the borscht, straining and clarifying it, and turning it into a gelee with a horseradish cream, but I was heavily outvoted and called a poseur and a beet Jello maker, among other things.

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                The words "Beet" and "jello" used in the same sentence might deter some, but I thought you were made of sterner stuff.

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                  Had it been from Mom the Uncook, that would have been another story entirely. However, that judgement was uttered by none other than Lauren-Dove, and I didn't much love her tone, either.
                  But I caved, and sank like a stone.

                2. re: mamachef

                  Seriously, a gelled borscht sounds marvelous (but I cannot resist the lure of gelling things when I have the chance)! You're not a beet jello poseur in my book! An orange scented summer borscht, gelled? That's definitely going on my May table in the garden. Definitely. Anyone who calls me a poseur gets dish-duty.

                  A PS - I've never made my Harvard beets with orange juice, but rather cider vinegar. Do you cut down the sugar in such a case?

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                    I do cut down, by about half - just keep tasting. I use cider vinegar in mine, as well.

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                Sounds like a wonderful addition at the end, then. Can't wait to try it! I would imagine it would be great in a summer borscht as well. (I've been trying to swear off winter foods lately, but winter won't seem to allow that course of action, sadly.)

                Glad to hear that, ahem, merry-making makes others creative too. Maybe that's why borschts are so varied - all those shots. <grin>

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              Scallops were also my first thought. Musky flavors like saffron or curry powder will balance the sweetness of the juice. Coriander will play up the fruit. With those flavor profiles, lentils and beans would be a natural choice to add body. Try using butter or yogurt for richness.

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                Scallops, Saffron, orange...maybe even a touch of cream, JungMann, or do you think it would rob the freshness? And why is even a tiny tot of minced cilantro sounding like the correct garnish for this type of thing? Hmmmm.......

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                  The flavor of saffron blooms in dairy. I'd go for it! And +1 for the cilantro.

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                    How about 1 mm crossections of the cilantro stems?

            3. Goes wonderfully in black bean soup- 1st picked this up from a Moosewood cookbook!


              1. Also works surprisingly good with lamb/mutton stew.

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                  It does seem as though it would be a good foil; the citrus taming the game.

                2. Black Bean Soup in the original Moosewood. Awesome.

                  1. A popular dish, which I've never tried, is a pork and tomatillo stew from Ruth Reichl. You can turn up numerous links for the recipe via Google with the following combinations of search strings: "pork and tomatillo stew" Reichl.

                    1. Orange juice, chicken broth and canned tomatoes cooked to delicious, 'smoothed' with immersion blender, and spiked with rum and laced with nutmeg just before serving.

                      1. Orange juice is great in a sweet potato soup, gingered carrot soup and butternut squash soup. Try a Caribbean themed soup with chicken, coconut milk, toasted coconut, orange juice, onion, celery leaves, jerk seasoning blend

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                          I really liked this Orange, Spinach Yam Soup:

                          (there is also a link to other recipes with orange juice- it pairs well with black beans, carrot, and butternut squash, as previously mentioned)

                        2. I used some at the end of a spicy vegan tortilla soup (tomato-based, along with some lime) and the sweetness was wonderful. About 2 cups' worth of fresh-squeezed juice. It was something I intend to repeat at home (but with a more chicken-y version).