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Mar 31, 2011 11:19 AM

Alphonso mangoes?

Has anyone seen alphonso mangoes in the Balto-DC area? (the amazing ones from India???) If so, where & when?

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  1. I saw them at a Whole Foods in NY this weekend; you could try your nearest Whole Foods...

    1. Pretty sure I saw that variety at Lotte in Chantilly on Sunday.

      1. If you are looking for the ones that are grown in India I would say you will need to go to a Indian market for them. They are considerably more expensive than the Alpnonsos grown in Mexico and so are not usually carried by supermarkets. They should be in season now but you should call the shop before to check if they have them. Some people reserve a case ahead of time, here in CA

        1. I ordered a box of Alfonso's from the link below and they were every bit as delicious as the ones i eat in Mumbai. Two drawbacks: Price and they were quite slow. That said, they were exquisite.


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            I ordered from them. My delivery was pretty fast, and they arrived ready to eat. I got six small-ish mangoes. They are incredibly potent-tasting with a ton of grassy flavor to boot. Given the price, I doubt I'll order them again. But I'm happy I tried them. Compared to the ones I'm used to, they're like eating mango concentrate.

            1. re: Steve

              So glad you found them. May need to order another box myself.....

              1. re: bob_s

                I'd like to try these. Have you guys called around to the indian stores to make sure they don't have them locally. i'd prefer to go that route.

                1. re: MoCoMe

                  I didn't call around, but I did visit a couple of stores that were likely candidates, and they don't carry them. Calling around is a good idea, though!

                  1. re: Steve

                    yeah, I'm just afraid that I'll ask do you have alphonso mangoes, they'll say yes, I'll drive all over the place and you know nothing is a qwik drive, and then I'll get there and they have the same mangoes they have at safeway. :-(
                    I'm eager to try these, but wow they are $$$ ordering online!

                    1. re: MoCoMe

                      I bought some at Patel Bros. a couple of years ago, but this year, they have not received any yet and do not know when/if they will. The Indian alphonso crop was adversely affected by bad weather this year, so supply will be limited and more expensive than last year.

          2. Bumping this--it's that time of year-anyone seen them locally? :)

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