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Mar 31, 2011 10:31 AM

Easter buffet near Bristol RI

I'm looking for a good buffet lunch for Easter Sunday. My father-in-law is mentally ill and does better in casual settings with a buffet. We usually go to Chelos, but it ends up being a lot of driving since we are staying in Warwick and need to pick him up and drop him off. We will also have our 1 1/2 year old son with us, so again, casual is best. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Chelo's Restaurant
63 Airport Rd, Warwick, RI 02889

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  1. TWIN OAKS! Just kidding. Call Leo's or Tweet's in Bristol and see what they are offering for Easter. I have been to Green Valley's buffet and its passable. Not a CHOW recommendation, just a casual in the area one. In Tiverton I like the Boat House -- a lot. Doesn’t seem like a buffet place but you never know. Not super super casual, but right on the water, good food (owners of the Mooring in Newport). Try Lil Bear Pub in Tiv too, I can see them doing an Easter buffet. Very casual, and they have a great breakfast. All else fails, look into some of the nearby hotels or country clubs - theyre usually the ones who do buffets.

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      I believe Audrey's in Seekonk (owned by J&W) does a brunch/buiffet for Easter Sunday. Also, 1149 in Seekonk does Easter brunch/buffet as well - theirs is very good. Both are casual.

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        Thanks for the replies! I also found a listing online from the providence journal that lists a bunch of restaurants that are open on Easter. I have a lot of research to do and will probably have a lot more questions.

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          Here's a place right in Bristol on Metacom Ave.. I recently had a gathering there after a funeral service. It was in the banquet room, and I did a buffet. It was great, the staff was helpful and everyone was happy with the menu chosen.

          It is a pub style place, but we were in our own room, only about 20 of us in a room that will easily hold 100, and probably used on Easter Sunday. Very casual and no steps to have to navigate if that is an issue.

          Nothing fancy, but fine for what I needed on short notice as we had to be in Bristol.

          Just one more place to add to your list.

    2. Does anyone have any opinions of Redlefsen's? The Easter buffet they are having looks pretty good.