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Mar 31, 2011 10:24 AM

Need help in looking for small budget wedding in Scarborough for 25 to 35 people (reception plus ceremony)

I am looking for a small budget wedding in Scarborough. We will have 25-35 very close friends attending our wedding ceremony(Both our family lives outside of Canada). Indoor wedding are fine as long as it includes the reception and wedding ceremony. I have look into other restaurant but I dont know if they could provide wedding ceremonies. I badly need help. A simple and intimate wedding is all we need but most banquest halls requires more than 50 people. Unfotunately, we dont have that budget.

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  1. Flipper's Fish House in Scarborough is reasonably priced, and will do banquets for 25-35 people, but you would have to organize the wedding ceremony, or hire a 3rd party to organize the wedding ceremony. They serve reasonably good rustic Greek food. Flipper's will prepare plainer food for people who don't eat Greek food, but I'd recommend the Greek food over the plainer food, because the owners are Greek, and they tend to do a better job with the Greek food. They serve decent seafood for an economical restaurant and I like their mezes (Greek appetizers). You can order a mixed mezes platter for each table if you decide to book with them.

    Qssis is a Scarborough banquet hall that tends to be more economical than most banquet halls. I've been to some smaller events there. They also do are reasonably good mezes platter, and the chicken at the last event I attended was better than most banquet chicken. Nice salad dressing, too. They'll let you bring in your own desserts for the dessert table, too, which can cut down on costs. If they can't do an event for 25-35 people, maybe they can recommend another hall that could help, or maybe you could hire one of Qssis' employees to organize your wedding ceremony at a place like Flipper's. Warning: their website is obnoxious ;-)

    Good luck!

    This board is really supposed to be about food, and weddings/banquets are not intended to be the focus of this board. Most of the people who post on here are foodlovers who like to talk about food, and a minority of those foodlovers like to provide wedding advice. ;-


    You might get more advice if you mention that you like food, how much you're prepared to spend per person, and even more advice if you let us know what kind of food you'd like to serve at your wedding banquet! ;-)

    The Fish House
    7501 Woodbine Ave, Markham, ON L3R2W1, CA

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      Thank you.

      I will check out Flipper`s Fish house in Scarborough. Thanks agian for the info.

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          Actually Baton Rouge in Scarborough gave me a quote of $35 (pre fix dinner with coffee/tea) for 35 people. The catch: they only provide the private room and plated dinner. I have to do everything for myself. I guess all I need is guest list , wedding officiant, and some music I

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