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Mar 31, 2011 09:43 AM

What are your favorite soups/stews that you make in the crock pot?

I need some new ideas. Thanks.

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  1. I made a lamb stew the other day. It was wonderful. I had a boneless leg of lamb. Trimmed the fat, seasoned and into the crock pot. Added baby carrots,baby onions and small red potatoes. A bit of garlic and tomato paste. LEt cook for a few hours, then made a roux on the stove top, and added all the juice in the crock pot. Made a wonderful gravy. Put the meat and vegetables back into the crock pot, poured in the gravy and left on simmer until we were ready to eat.
    A family member had surgery a while ago, and they had to cut the facial muscle, so it is difficult for her to chew. I find that I can put most any meat in the crockpot with a bit of stock, and cook long and low. Makes it easy for her to eat.I just add onions, mushrooms, celery- whatever I have on hand. Crock pots are so forgiving!

    1. I love my crockpot for bean soups, one of them being pink bean soup. I'm sure there's a name but I only know them as pink beans. That and black bean with pork or ham hock.
      White navy bean soup, black eyed peas, and lima bean soup. They're all good to me!

      1. Current favorite at home is a green chile stew with pork sirloin and white beans. Cube about 3 lbs lean pork sirloin roast. Throw in crockpot with 2 c. chicken broth, chopped onion, 1 larger can of chopped green chiles, cumin, garlic. Add 2 c. uncooked white beans that have soaked at least 3 hours. I also add about a cup of green salsa, or tomatillo sauce. This cooks all day, and at some point adding more chicken broth, beer, canned diced tomatoes - liquid of choice - will probably need to be added. Meat will be tender, and can also be shredded for tortas, served on a soft roll.

        Serve in bowls, with cilantro and lime wedges for garnish.

        1. When I see chuck on sale, I might get inspired to do chile colorado.

          Cut the meat up for stew and put into my large slow-cooker. Chop an onion and add that.. Then put in one can of red chile sauce or red enchilada sauce - either a 16oz can or 28 oz. can and an 8oz can of tomato sauce. Cook as long as you usually do for beef stew.

          1. Lamb shanks are perfect in the crock pot, as is osso bucco. Oh, and ox tail stew. Wonderful!

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              love lamb shanks . had some a few weeks ago, so much flavor for no effort!

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                Yes, I won't do them any other way :)

                1. re: ursy_ten

                  I am sure they would be tough if merely roasted. dont even want to try!

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                  I don't eat lamb but I could make this for my husband. Recipe please.

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                    Season the lamb ( and sometimes I brown it before I put it in the crock pot, sometimes I don't). Into the crock pot. Add celery , cut up onion, carrot, garlic, wine and water, along with a bit of tomato paste. Cook long and slow. So good. You can make a nice gravy or sauce with the liquid in the crok pot, if you like.