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Mar 31, 2011 09:42 AM

What is needed to have a well stocked freezer?

I usually have some corned beef to make New England dinner in my crock pot. I have a pork roast or ribs to throw in the crock pot with bbk sauce or just garlic, s and p. I have chicken that I put in the crock pot with veggies and Italian dressing. Sometimes I have steaks. I usually have some frozen seafood like shrimp, mussels or fish fillets, but I am getting away from those because they get freezer burn too easily. I have bread, frozen spinach, corn, peas. I have frozen berries. I have assorted ice cream pints and novelties. Occasionally, I have frozen pizza or a pot pie. I have frozen leftovers like homemade stuffed cabbage and lasagna.

WHat do you consider "must have on hand" items for the freezer?

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  1. my constants:
    beef stock
    poultry stock
    bones for making stock
    a whole chicken
    grains and flours
    roasted green chile
    frozen corn

    1. pesto, assorted greens (kale, mustard, chard, beet tops, collards, etc), bread, beans (pre-cook & freeze), butter, chili peppers (everything from jalapenos to red savina), corn and other vegetables, various tomato sauces, tamales and ice cream.

      I'm always stuffing single-serving containers of leftovers into the freezer for easy lunches.

      1. Chicken broth, peas, corn, vanilla ice cream, old bread, leftover tomato or other sauce,nuts, chicken backs, onion, carrot bits etc to make broth. Nothing else is constant and I don't freeze "new" meat, always buy it fresh.

        1. I *always* have bread, bagels, croissants, blueberry whole wheat waffles, chicken stock, bacon, chopped herbs, broccoli, Alexia fries, ice cream.

          1. We have two deep freezes (had 3 but one quit on us). Right now we are letting ours get really low and digging out things that have been buried for too long and need to be disposed of. We usually have our own veggies as the primary item. And we've bought a hog a couple of times.