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Mar 31, 2011 09:11 AM

Bread used on the Chez Henri Cubano...

I've been trying to replicate the Chez Henri Cubano at home and I pretty much have it down except the bread. My bread always gets way too crunchy and hard, while Chez Herni is always at a happy medium. I've tried Chiabatta and French bread but neither have come out correctly. Any Idea what bread they use and where a similar bread can be acquired?

Chez Henri
1 Shepard Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

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  1. What is your recipe for the Cubano if I may ask? Perhaps you need to butter up the bread and press with a grill.

    1. Have you tried Cuban bread? If you can't find it, Italian bread is closer to Cuban than French bread. Ciabatta is way off.

      I used to get Cuban bread at the place in JP... HiLo? Forget the name, but it is closing anyway. Might already be closed.

      EDIT: it looks like Hi-Lo is closed by now:

      1. Edit: I'd use the fresh cuban bread from the Caribbean Bakery in Lawrence.

        I have never had the Cubano at Chez Henri, but the cubano here is simply amazing. Huge fresh roll, amazing roast pork with crispy skin and all. $8 for a foot of food.

        1. Since you handle has Nahant, Chelsea Market Basket used to carry Cuban bread and had it at their reopening. But I am not certain I have seen it recently and I believe it was a Vie de France parbaked product that isn't on their card any more so maybe no more. They do have bread from a Lawrence Dominican bakery (can't remember which one) but I find it really, really soft and oversized crumb so haven't bought it recently. If you want a french style bread with a crunchy, but thin crust and soft middle, that is what good Brazilian "french" bread is like (and only sold in six-inch oblong rolls), you'd have to go to Everett or Medford though.

          1. The in-house bakery of the Stop and Shop in South Bay periodically has Cuban bread.


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              Thanks. Good to know. I haven't been to that S&S in years. Could be combined with a Speed's or M&M run.

              M & M Ribs
              26 Puritan Ave, Dorchester, MA