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Mar 31, 2011 09:07 AM

The Onion on the disproving of central tenets of capitalism...

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  1. "To understand this enigma, we must discard the naïve notion that free-market prices reflect what consumers are willing to pay," Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz said. "Otherwise, how else are we to rationalize the phenomenon of a human being willingly spending 84 bucks on 18 green apple wedges and a Mylar balloon?"

    oh...gawd... my sides...too much laughing...need oxygen! nobody does it like the onion :)

    1. ""It defies all logic," Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said of the company's gift bouquets. "These things are like six pounds of cantaloupe—who could possibly eat that much? And they're already cut up, so you have to eat them quick or throw the whole thing out. For Christ's sake, Americans don't even eat fruit."

      God, I loved this.

      1. It's a good read but the author does have a valid point although I've given their baskets as gifts because fruit makes more sense than flowers.

        1. thanks, that was hilarious. I have often wondered how on earth they survive as well!