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Mar 31, 2011 08:25 AM

Gasparilla Inn & Club

Does anyone have any thoughts about the dining here? I'm looking to take the in-laws out for a birthday dinner. They live in North Port and we are looking for something a bit nicer than Carabbas, etc. We have met them at The Perfect Caper a few times and I've enjoyed all my meals. We are looking for something different and we've never been to the Gasparilla Inn on Boca Grande. The Main Dining Room has a pretty basic American menu with outrageous prices. I was thinking of possibly the Pink Grapefruit, which is a bit less pricey, although the picture on the website makes it look like the basic dining room of any hotel. Am I mistaken about that and how do you rate the food? Is the food in the Main Dining Room basic but unbelievably well executed making it worth the price?

Perfect Caper
121 E. Marion Ave., Punta Gorda, FL 33950

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  1. Outrageous prices? Mediocre food? Welcome to Boca Grande. Temp has outrageous prices, but I love that food.

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      Drive back to Placida and go to the Palmetto Grill. I enjoyed it last year--not too stuffy or too expensive. IIRC, nice veal meatloaf, good steaks, etc. I think it has music on the weekends as well.

      Palmetto Grill
      8501 Placida Rd Unit A15, Placida, FL 33946

    2. we used to go to Boca Grande by boat frequently and our favorite place was always the Pink Elephant. It is owned by the hotel but is across the street. The upper restaurant was very nice and I liked the tapenade they served with very good bread while you would make your dinner selections. Not sure what is good there anymore. It is definitely a preppy haven and so a stiff drink is more appropo than wine <<G> LMF

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        I had a pretty sweet platter of fried oysters for lunch at Temptation in BG a few weeks ago. As good as any I've had on Cape Cod.

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          I went to Gasparilla Inn two years ago for a very high quality food festival.

          Chef Timmins, the Inn's Exec Chef, cooked a fantastic meal. He's easily a Michelin Star chef, one of the top in the USA, and could get a star or two if he and the Inn cared to go that route. (I'm no stranger to Michelin 1 to 3 starred spots.)

          He also teaches, or mentors other fine chefs fine points of cuisine before they go to take their toughest test. Here, at the Inn you may get what you pay for. Go when he is there, and talk with him, and perhaps see some of his books.