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Jan 18, 2006 06:20 PM

Kaiten sushi

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Don't laugh! What are the best conveyor belt sushi places in LA?

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  1. frying fish in japanese village plaza is mediocre and i boycott it for personal reasons (owner has had some disputes with some competitors who are friends of mine).

    the new daichan's on sawtelle in the olympic connection (not the competitors i mentioned above lol) is great for kaiten sushi. friendly waiters, good nigiri, and a clean and pleasant setting.

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      2nd YES vote for Daichan Kaiten Sushi in the Olympic Collection.

    2. Ah yes, I've been to Daichan and it was a surprisingly pleasant experience. Granted, I'm no aficionado of sushi. since I can't digest raw meat. But while living in Japan I'd always stop by a kaiten sushi place after work cause it's a relatively cheap meal.

      Like in Japan, Daichan has a heaping supply of fresh ginger and the stale sushi is thrown off the conveyor belt (as detected by the barcode on the plate). The only thing to be missed is the hot water dispenser that's usually right at the counter, but I can live without it. In its place they've got cream puffs on the menu!!

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        also where else but daichan does the parade of food include, tucked between the sushi dishes, little plates of cool japanese toys for your kid-at-heart or the kid-in-the-chair next to you!

      2. Just don't go to Kaiten Sushi on 3rd Street. Remember, the quality of Asian food is inversely proportional to the ambience of the restaurant. Cool, modern decor but mediocre sushi with questionable freshness. Mostly rolls to accommodate the "crazy sushi" fans (rolls eyes). Even the non-sushi items are forgettable.

        Daichan, while not stellar, is a reliable bargain. And yes, they have toys and cream puffs!

        1. loxnbagles is right. Kaiten Sushi on 3rd is crap. Both my husband and I love the conveyer belt concept (and have seen it successfully done at Yo! Sushi and Genki Sushi), but Kaiten is just bad. Most of the items in rotation seemed to have an odd pepper/smoky seasoning on them. And even the pieces on which I could not spot the seasoning seemed to taste like smoked meats. All of the meat in the rolls was diced up and smooshed together in an unappealing bologna way. I'm not sure how you mess up something as basic as a spicy tuna roll, but they sure did. The fish did not seem fresh and variety was limited.

          As far as service, our two waitresses seemed nice enough, but when it came time to pay, they miscalculated the cost. We had a $15 off coupon for a bill of $40. We had estimated our cost at around $42. They told us we needed to get more food to make it to $40...which didn't make us that happy since we were very dissatisfied with the food. So we ordered dessert (which wasn't bad....tapioca and green tea icecream float)... and magically the bill multiplied to over $50. Hmmmm... If the dessert costs $3, wouldn't our bill have been over $40? Such trickery made me mad enough to voice my dissatisfation over the food. I would say you are better off with grocery store sushi, but I love grocery store sushi. I honestly can't think of a comparison, Kaiten is that blah.

          1. sushi mac on 3rd/la cienega not my cup of tea...slimy sloppy sushi and mayonaise and creamy goopy things...too bad!